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Apex Legends

Apex Legends devs working on major Wattson changes

Apex Legends fans were disappointed by the recent “troll” buffs to Wattson, but some major changes are on the horizon.



Wattson in Apex Legends Season 9

Apex Legends fans complained to Respawn Entertainment about a “troll” buff in the Genesis Collection Event, and now the devs have confirmed that they’re working on some changes for Wattson.

Respawn confirmed that the new Genesis Collection Event is set to arrive on June 29, and have released the patch notes, showcasing many of the upcoming changes, including balance updates for Legends.

There’s also a humorous buff listed for Wattson that will let her place down more Nessie toys. This didn’t sit well with a few disappointed fans that wanted larger changes. Now, the devs have confirmed that they’re working on those.

Wattson in Apex Legends

Wattson has faced problems ever since Season 9 started, and fans were quick to label this latest “troll” buff as an “insult.” This led to a response from Respawn, confirming that while changes are coming, it’s difficult to get them right.

“Yeah, we’re working on stuff,” said lead game designer Daniel Klein. “No ETA because it’s still very exploratory, but goals would be to make it more in the moment fun and powerful to play Wattson while removing some of the invisible power.”

The developer pointed out that the Legend still has a high win-rate in, so she’s still a solid pick when you jump into a match of Apex Legends.

A few users were quick to point out that Wattson’s pick-rate is extremely low. “What I don’t get is that if she was as powerful/win rate proof, then why is no one learning to play as her and just earn easy wins?”

Finding the right balancing changes for Wattson can be a tricky process, but her mains are hoping that Respawn figure it out soon enough.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment