Massive changes coming to Apex Legends Firing Range according to leaks

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends firing range

Recent leaks are suggesting that Apex Legends players could be getting some significant changes to the Firing Range that could really improve the way players practice.

Apex Legends players have been getting some huge leaks revealing future content for the battle royale as of recent.

In what was dubbed as the biggest leak in Apex history, fans were given information and gameplay on unreleased Legends, the upcoming Storm Point changes, and even the new Divided Moon BR map.

As well as all this, we also got some details and gameplay concerning some future Firing Range changes, which could really improve the area.

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The leaks were posted by an anonymous Reddit user and taken down pretty quickly. However, someone in the Apex Uncovered subreddit by the name of Legitimate_Chapter82 reposted the information and videos for the community to see.

The Firing Range is currently quite bland, there isn’t much for players to do apart from shoot dummies and practice their aim.

Although there are some tricks to have fun with like getting the dummies to move around and shoot back, activate third-person mode and low gravity mode, and also have 1v1s with your friends, it could do with some improvements.

It seems the devs are working on improving the Firing Range for an upcoming season, as the leaked gameplay footage of the Firing Range showed off some interesting new aspects.

These new features include a button that can activate the dummies instead of having to do an obscure easter egg, shooting challenges, buttons that can control the speed of the moving targets, and even infinite ammo which players have been asking for.

This adds way more customization to the Firing Range that could definitely help the area becoming a more viable place for players to get better at the game and really improve.

Of course, keep in mind that these are leaks and nothing is yet confirmed, but if it’s true, this could be a great improvement to the Firing Range by Respawn.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment