Every weapon buff & nerf in Apex Legends Season 20

Max Candelarezi
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The Season 20 update for Apex Legends will bring a set of adjustments to weapons, including buffs and nerfs for a range of existing guns. Here’s every weapon buff and nerf in Apex Legends Season 20.

The upcoming Apex Legends Season 20 update promises to deliver a ton of exciting content, featuring numerous upgrades for Legends, a revamped Ranked mode, 120Hz support for next-gen consoles, and more.

In addition to introducing fresh content, this major update includes multiple buffs and nerfs for the existing lineup of Legends and weapons. So, here’s every weapon buff and nerf coming to Apex Legends Season 20.

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All Apex Legends Season 20 weapon buffs & nerfs

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Apex Legends Season 20 weapon changes are set to shift the meta.

Here are all of the weapon changes coming in Apex Legends Season 20.


  • Base damage reduced to 39 (was 42)
  • Ammo capacity
    • Base capacity unchanged (6)
    • White Magazine reduced to 7 (was 8)
    • Blue Magazine reduced to 8 (was 10)
    • Purple & Gold Magazine reduced to 10 (was 12)
  • Skullpiercer headshot multiplier reduced to 2.0 (was 2.1)
  • Dual Loader removed as an integrated Hop-Up, now only loads 1 shell per reload
  • Marksman Stock reload speed bonus normalized to match other sniper weapons
  • Reloading 3 shells in a row now increases reload speed by 20% for the remainder of the reload

EVA-8 [Care Package]

  • Damage reduced to 6 (was 7)
  • Fire rate increased to 3 (was 2.4)
  • Recoil reduced to better match the much faster fire rate
  • Hammer Points: 20% damage increase against flesh (+1 damage)
  • Gold Shotgun Bolt: shells reloaded on slide increased to 2 (was 1)
    • Note: this change only affects the Care Package EVA-8


  • Damage reduced to 20 (was 21)
  • Hipfire spread increased
  • Spread delay increased to 0.28 (was 0.21)


  • Can no longer equip Barrel Attachments

Prowler [Floor]

  • Reverted to non-Care Package version
    • Damage decreased to 15 (was 16)
    • Select Fire Hop-Up removed
  • Burst delay increased to 0.28 (was 0.24)
  • Spread delay increased to 0.28 (was 0.15)


  • ADS vertical and horizontal recoil increased


  • Hipfire spread reduced

SMG Ballistics

  • Projectile gravity increased across all SMGs
  • Projectile launch speed reduced across most SMGs (Prowler unchanged)

1x Digital Threat

  • Can no longer be equipped to SMGs
  • Spawn rates reduced by 20%

Laser Sights

  • Spread multipliers reduced
    • White Laser Sight adjusted to x0.9 (was x0.8)
    • Blue Laser Sight adjusted to x0.8 (was x0.6)
    • Purple Laser Sight adjusted to x0.7 (was x0.4)

Apex Legends Season 20 Crafting 2.0, Care Package weapons, Replicators & more

Crafting 2.0

  • Crafting Rotation is no more, all weapons and loot are back on the floor
  • Crafting options reduced to Shield Battery, Medkit, Ammo, and Player Banners
  • Inventory can now be accessed from the Crafting menu
  • Rampart’s Big Maude
    • All paintball weapons are now free, dispense time increased
    • Increased variety of weapons, but gold kitted weapons no longer offered
    • One free weapon per player, per match (Loba can steal a second with Black Market)
  • Replicators
    • Each individual Replicator is now single-use per player, per match
    • Every game will start with 12 spawned
    • Decreased interaction time with instant printing
    • Printed items left alone will auto-eject from the Replicator after some time

Care Package Weapon Rotation

  • EVA-8 enters the Care Package
  • Prowler returns to the floor

Gold Weapons Rotation

  • R-301, RE-45, Mastiff, Devotion, 30-30

All in all, those were all the weapon changes coming with Apex Legends Season 20. For more on the game, be sure to check out our other guides:

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