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Apex Legends “Divided Moon” BR map gameplay has leaked

After rumours and speculation, it seems Apex Legends could be getting a new moon-themed BR map according to leaked gameplay footage.



apex legends divided moon map leak

Thanks to Apex Legends leaks, fans were given an early look at a future Battle Royale map that Respawn might be working on, getting players excited for the future.

The Apex Legends community have really been spoilt over the past few seasons, as a crazy amount of future content has been leaked. Fans got to see both Newcastle and the Season 14 Legend Vantage in action prior to their release, as well as Valkyrie’s Heirloom, with the devs recently teasing Loba’s.

As well as all this, players were given a sneak peek at the new Battle Royale map the devs are working on, which according to the leak is supposedly called “Divided Moon.”

apex legends strom point poi barometer

Unfortunately for Respawn Entertainment, a huge amount of future Apex Legends content for upcoming seasons has been leaked.

One of the most interesting pieces of unreleased content that has leaked was gameplay footage of the next Battle Royale map.

Despite getting a new map in Season 11 through Storm Point, it seems the devs are hard at work designing the next battleground for players.

Apex Legends Divided Moon map gameplay leak

Reddit user Legitimate_Chapter82 reposted the original leak, which has since been taken down, showing off early gameplay of an unfinished Battle Royale map.

The map’s name is Divided Moon in the video, however, this doesn’t mean that it will have this name if it releases. Remember, with any leak, it is not an official source, and it’s therefore likely that things will change before it makes its way into the game.

This is obviously the case considering the footage shows off an unfinished map with POIs that are yet to have textures. In addition to first-person gameplay, we also got a look at the map, which presented all of the POIs, as well as its layout.

The map seems like it could be a pretty big one, with the general theme based around space as the sky box shows a beautiful blend of stars, planets, and space debris.

Apex Legends Divided Moon POIs

Some of the POIs named are as follows:

  • Breaker Wharf
  • Dry Gulch
  • Kinetic Battery
  • Production Yard
  • Solo Promenade
  • Duo Promenade
  • Fortified Camp
  • Cultivation
  • Alpha Base
  • Stasis Array
  • Terraformer
  • Eternal Acres
  • Atmo A
  • Bionomics
  • Void Town
  • Atmo B

It’s quite astonishing that this was leaked and hopefully, it doesn’t negatively impact the devs too much. One thing fans must understand is that this was not intended for the public, so take the leaks with a grain of salt as none of it is the finished product.

For more, take a look at the new transport system leaked in the Apex Legends Divided Moon map.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment