Huge Apex Legends leak reveals unreleased ‘Newcastle’ Legend gameplay & more

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends leaked legends

A massive leak for Apex Legends has been revealed which unearthed new gameplay and images of future Legends and content.

Apex Legends is well known for keeping the game fresh with new content every season, with even the mobile version of the battle royale said to have “mobile-first Legends” coming to the platform upon release.

Players and fans alike are always eager to see and hear about future content, and while the devs do tease future changes every now and then, dataminers are usually the ones who reveal future content through their leaks.

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The latest leaks are possibly the biggest fans have ever seen, revealing a number of future Legends and their abilities through gameplay.

apex legends season 12 Legends

The leak was posted over on Reddit through user 5849373-throwaway, an anonymous source who posted a Mega cloud link with a “Folder of Stuff.”

This stuff turned out to be the biggest leak in Apex history, with 15 videos of leaked Apex Legends content, including Future maps, Legends, weapons, and cosmetics.

Of course, like any leak, all of this content is subject to change, but for those who stay on top of previously leaked content, you’ll know that they often provide a pretty accurate idea for future content.

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The most incredible aspect of these leaks is by far the number of unreleased Legends shown in one of the videos. The video is around 10 minutes long and it shows a variety of unreleased Legends which featured in another post by the same user titled “Roster in Dev Version.”

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The unreleased Legends shown in the footage include:

  • Conduit
  • Scryer
  • Newcastle
  • Uplink
  • Vantage
  • Catalyst
  • Phantom
  • Jester
  • Caliber

While the unreleased Legends are unfinished products, they seem to all have a full set of abilities, which of course are subject to change upon their official release. This is 9 seasons worth of Legends, so they are likely to change a lot as the seasons go on.

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Having said that, one of the most fleshed-out Legends that was shown is Newcastle, which many are speculating is the next Legend to be released.

Newcastle leaked abilities

In the video, Newcastle has a full 3D model and their abilities seem pretty fleshed out with animations and textures compared to the other leaked Legends.

Here are the abilities and description for the Legend from the leaked clip:

  • Newcastle – Mobile Defender
    • Passive: Retrieve the Wounded – Drag downed allies while you revive and protect them with your revive shield
    • Tactical: Mobile Shield – Throw a throwable drone that creates a moving energy shield
    • Ultimate: Castle Wall – Leap and slam to a target, ally, or area and create a fortified stronghold.

Newcastle will be a new defensive Legend that seems to be focused around reviving teammates and creating cover. In the leaked video, Newcastle’s Ultimate ability seems especially interesting, as he leaps up into the air and slams down, creating cover in the process.

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The cover is pretty big, with three windows for teammates to shoot from. It only protects the player from one side though, so you will need to place it tactically to get the most out of it. It also takes quite a lot of damage to break, and will break in sections rather than the whole thing being destroyed.

That’s all for the unreleased Legends from what fans are calling the biggest Apex Legends leak of all time. For more, check out the FIFA 22 x Apex Legends crossover collab.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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