Titanfall 3 hopes are lost again as new Apex Legends character is revealed

Joseph Pascoulis
conduit interacting with a Titan battery in apex legends trailer

Titanfall 2 had been receiving updates and cryptic messages in recent times, giving players hope that another installment may be on the way. However, hope is lost now, as it seems it was all a teaser for the new Apex Legends character.

Titanfall 2 received some updates to fix the game in September, and the devs also added a date Easter egg and a mysterious playlist titled “???,” which led to the community theorizing about what Respawn had in store for the beloved franchise.

The community instantly began fantasizing about Titanfall 3, hoping that the recent Titanfall 2 update and new playlist were teasers.

However, all hope has seemingly been lost now, as Respawn Entertainment revealed the new Legend arriving in Apex Legends Season 19, which subsequently put the Titantall 2 updates into perspective.

Titanfall fans deflated after Apex Legends Conduit reveal

The new Apex Legends Season 19 Legend was revealed as Conduit. The reveal came with a new “Stories from the Outlands” trailer that revealed how she was saved by a Titan during the Frontier wars. Conduit then visits that same broken-down Titan that saved her to find an exposed Titan battery, which subsequently seems to give her abilities.

While there was certainly hype for the new Legend, unfortunately, Titanfall fans were left deflated, as they suddenly realized what the Titanfall 2 teasers and mysterious new playlist were all about.

It seems the devs were actually teasing the new Apex Legend as opposed to Titanfall 3, leaving Titanfall fans deflated, as many left comments like “THEY DID THIS TO US! AGAIN!” over on Reddit.

Another user said, “This is why you keep expectations low in situations like this,” clearly hoping that the announcement would be Titanfall 3.

For some, this is the last time they have hope in regards to Titanfall 3, as a user in the comments said, “Yeah I mean the idea of a TF|3 is pretty ridiculous at this point.”

That said, many are just grateful to have Titanfall 2 working again thanks to the recent update to the game, “We’ve just gotta be happy that TF|2 works again. And honestly, I’d rather have that than a s****y cash-grab for a TF|3.”

Titanfall content continues to make its way into Apex Legends, but it’s still not looking great for the Titanfall 3 hopefuls out there. For more on Apex Legends, make sure you also check out everything we know about the Post Malone Apex event.