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Loba Heirloom leaked for Apex Legends Season 13

A new Apex Legends leak suggests that a Loba Heirloom could be on the way with the arrival of Season 13 and we’ve got all the details for you.



Loba Apex Legends

The latest major Apex Legends leak hints at Loba’s Heirloom coming to the battle royale in Season 13 and a teased version of the design has reportedly already been scrapped.

Heirlooms are without a doubt the most desired cosmetics in Apex Legends. We’ve seen some incredible designs over the years and players are always eagerly anticipating what the latest Heirloom will be.

We know that Crypto should finally receive an Heirloom in an upcoming Season 12 event however leaks are hinting that Loba could be next in line. Although Season 13 won’t be coming any time soon, Loba fans are already wondering about the new Heirloom design.

Apex Legends Loba Heirloom leak

Heirloom screen Apex Legends

Apex Legends leaker Thordan Smash goes over the latest leaks in a recent video. The information in the video reveals that it is highly likely Loba follows up Crypto as the next legend to receive an Heirloom after Season 12.

Instead of teasing what the Heirloom could look like, the Apex Legends expert shows a scrapped version of Loba’s Heirloom that highlights a trident full of jewels. The leak suggests that this previous version is being scrapped in favor of something new and fresh.

You can skip to 1:40 in the video above to hear the discussion surrounding Loba’s supposed Heirloom. Although there’s no telling what the new design will look like you can see what it was previously supposed to be.

With the trident removed from the equation who knows what the end result will be. Thankfully, players will have a ton of time to speculate considering Season 12 only just began on February 8.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment