Apex Legends Season 13 teasers: Newcastle, Storm Point changes, more

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends season 13 teasers

Respawn Entertainment are kicking off their Apex Legends Season 13 teasers as they hint at some interesting activity in Storm Point’s waters.

Apex Legends is now in the second split of Season 12, soft resetting for those who enjoy the Ranked Leagues climb once again.

The second split marks the halfway point for Season 12, meaning players are edging ever closer to Season 13, which is set up to become one of the most highly anticipated seasons thanks to teasers and leaks.

Respawn Entertainment have already started getting players excited for the update with a new teaser on their social media pages and also in-game for the Control LTM.

Apex Legends Season 13 Storm Point teasers

apex legends storm point

Respawn Entertainment took to social media to unveil their first teaser for Season 13. After some investigation and leaks revealing that Storm Point was going to get some map changes, players believe the teaser is for Storm Point.

The teaser is a GIF of a computer screen that is showing a warning that states “DEEP SEA SEISMIC EVENT DETECTED.”

Seismic activity is a geographical term for earthquakes or any other vibrations that happen on the Earth’s surface. In this case, the warning is indicating deep sea vibrations, which many are suggesting could be a massive sea monster.

The recent leaks surrounding Season 13’s Storm Point map update showed a huge sea monster washed ashore by The Mill. Perhaps this is exactly what the above GIF is teasing.

In-game teasers for Apex Legends Season 13

Thanks to Apex dataminer Shrugtal, we also know that players will actually be able to see some Season 13 teasers in-game come April 7 at around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST.

These teasers will be available for players to see on each Control LTM map:

  • Barometer – Storm Point
  • Hammond Labs – Olympus
  • Caustic Treatment – Kings Canyon

The teaser can only be seen in Control and will be a new floating digital billboard that can be seen from the loading screen of each Control map.

The Newcastle teaser banner reads “The wait is over, he’s here!” along with a blacked-out silhouette of the Legend. Thanks to the leaked footage of his character model, it’s pretty clear that it is this unreleased Legend.

More teasers are set to come as well and according to a video from Thordan Smash, a reliable Apex leaker, there are 5 dates in total for Season 13 teasers. Some of these teasers involve a monitor in Command Centre on Storm Point.

Season 13 leaked teaser dates & locations

  • April 7 – 13:
    • Teaser banners appear on loading screens for Control LTM maps Barometer, Hammond Labs, and Caustic Treatment.
  • April 13:
    • First monitor teaser active in Command Centre.
  • April 15:
    • Second monitor teaser active in Command Centre.
  • April 17:
    • Third monitor teaser in Command Centre.
  • April 19:
    • Leviathans will die and a sea monster will make an appearance.

Supposedly the monitor teasers are also associated with the recent leaks that suggested controllable NPCs would make an appearance in Season 13.

We’ll have to wait and see if all of this is true once the teasers start rolling out, as most of this is leaked information and so it’s subject to change. Having said that, players will be seeing teasers starting April 7, so make sure you dive into a game and check them out.

That’s all for the Apex Legends Season 13 teasers. For more, check out NICKMERCS’ opinion on the Warzone vs Apex Legends debate.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment