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Apex Legends Leviathans found on Storm Point as Season 13 teasers begin

Apex Legends players have noticed a new addition to the wildlife on Storm Point, as Leviathans are spotted on the map.



apex legends leviathan storm point

The Apex Legends Warriors Collection Event update went live on March 29, and players noticed a new addition on the Storm Point battle royale map.

Apex Legends received a pretty significant update on March 29, as not only was the Warriors Collection Event revealed, but the next-gen version of the battle royale also came along with it.

While Storm Point is yet to receive any major updates since its introduction in Season 11, some players have noticed a new addition to the map, which includes the Leviathan monsters seen on Kings Canyon.

apex legends leviathan

The huge towering dinosaur-like creatures can be spotted on Storm Point North West of the Island just off in the water. The best view of these creatures is either from the jump ship, or POIs like The Mill and North Pad.

Reddit user NamelessWinters posed a question to the community asking whether or not these Leviathans they spotted in Storm Point had always been there.

The community responded, letting them know that these Leviathans are definitely a new addition to the map, as one comment said “No they’re new.”

This could actually be our first teaser for Season 13. Although the Leviathans don’t give much away in terms of teasing Season 13, they do suggest that changes will be coming to the map, which does support recent leaks.

We know this because the last time we saw Leviathans on a map was Kings Canyon, and throughout the seasons, they began to wreak havoc and change the map’s layout.

Perhaps something different will happen with Storm Point, but the fact that they have now randomly popped up does suggest some changes will be arriving on the tropical map.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment