When does Apex Legends Season 21 start? Season 20 end date

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Season 20 of Apex Legends brought a lot of new additions and changes to the game, but you might be curious as to when the current season will end. So, here’s everything you need to know about the end date of Apex Legends Season 20, including when Season 21 starts.

Apex Legends players have had some time to sink their teeth into Season 20, with the brand-new Legend Upgrades and buffs and nerfs bringing changes to the pick rates and overall feel of the game.

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The community is always looking forward to the next new piece of content and major update for the game, especially since Season 20 didn’t introduce a new Legend to the roster.

So, for those who are interested in learning the end date for Season 20 and when Season 21 of Apex Legends will begin, here’s everything to know.

Apex Legends Season 20 end date & Season 21 expected start date

Apex Legends Season 20 is expected to end on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, as this is when the Battle Pass comes to an end according to the in-game timer.

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On this day, Season 20 will end, meaning that May 7 is also the start date for Apex Legends Season 21, which will arrive at approximately 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT on the day, as this is usually when new updates go live.

Apex Legends Season 21 leaks & expected content

Apex Legends Season 21 new Legend leaks

Not a lot is known about the next season of Apex Legends, however, the devs did accidentally reveal an image of the next new Legend, which we expect will arrive in Season 21.

Leakers claim the name in the code for the new Legend is “Cave,” and they are a Skirmisher. The leaked abilities for this Legend are rumored to be void-like, similar to Wraith. The theory is that the character is an alternate version of Wraith.

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Apex Legends Season 21 theme leak

This lines up with the leaked theme for Apex Legends Season 21, as the codename for the new season is “Void,” which suggests the season could have something to do with Wraith and their relationship to the new Legend.

New “District” map

There are also leaks and speculation based on teasers that suggest a new map will arrive in Season 21 of Apex Legends. The map’s name in the code is reportedly “District,” and it could feature a futuristic city-scape theme.

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On top of a potential new Legend and map, we also expect the standard seasonal content to arrive in Apex Legends Season 21. Check out the list below for the full expected content for the new season:

  • New Legend
  • New Map
  • 110 Tier Battle Pass with new skins and cosmetics
  • New Collection Events (Prestige Skin & Heirloom)
  • New LTMs
  • Buffs & nerfs

Keep in mind that a lot of this is just speculation and leaks, so stay tuned for updates and confirmation regarding Apex Legends Season 21.

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