Apex Legends playtesters reveal a variety of character emotes for Season 9: Legacy

Joseph Pascoulis
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Since Respawn Entertainment lifted the embargo for the upcoming Season 9: Legacy content, playtesters, and content creators have been spilling the beans and revealing a host of new third-person emotes for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy launches on May 4th, and with the recent embargo life on people who were lucky enough to playtest the new Legend, Arena mode, and Infested Olympus map, lots of content has been flooding the community.

The most interesting addition to Apex Legends in the upcoming Legacy update is third-person emotes, which came as a surprise amongst all the other changes in the patch notes.

Apex Legends emotes

Emotes in games are fun and strictly cosmetic, which is true in Apex Legends as they have implemented an anti peek mechanic to prevent the playful feature from being exploited.

Popular Apex Legend’s writer @ggpedroperes was one of the playtesters lucky enough to try out the new content coming in Season 9: Legacy. One of the features he and the rest of the playtesters were excited about was the standing emotes.

Every Legend will receive one free emote, with two extra emotes available for players to obtain through Apex Packs or Crafting Materials.

Pedro Peres has even made a thread on Twitter showcasing all the available emotes for every Legend in the upcoming Legacy season. We thought it would be a good idea to pick out some of the most extravagant and interesting ones.

Apex Legends emotes

Epic Caustic emote “Design Flaw”

Starting off we have Caustic’s Epic emote, which shows him being quite foolish:

This emote is almost out of character for Caustic’s scientific nature, it seems he miscalculated this one!

Legendary Octane emote “Human Spring”

This Octane emote seems to never stop, fitting very well with the Legend’s nonstop, hectic nature.

As this emote is a Legendary, it will most likely cost 1,200 crafting credits to unlock, a high price for a never-ending emote!

Epic Wattson emote “Easter Egg”

This emote been one of the most talked-about since the playtesters were able to release their footage, as the little Nessies she places stay in-game until the match is over.

The name for this emote is very fitting, as many secret spots across all the maps will feature a little Nessie waiting for you, like on top of the Hammond Labs chimney. There was also an Easter Egg in the original Kings Canyon map, which saw a huge Nessie come out of the water off of Swamps after players found and shot certain Nessies across the map in the same game.

Legendary Loba emote “Crushed It”

Loba’s Legendary emote shows she’s still not over her lore-heavy history with Revenant, using his head like a golf ball.

This emote is one of the more lore-heavy ones that i’m sure fans of the lore will appreciate, and Loba mains will definitely be getting.

Legendary Valkyrie emote “Party Crasher”

It looks like new Legend Valkyrie will also be getting some great emotes, but her Legendary one is the most interesting as it seems Fuse will be getting a buddy to have a beer with!

Valkyrie’s free Rare emote is actually the animation seen in the Legacy reveal trailer, where she is introduced by Ash, hanging off the chimney at Hammond Labs.

That’s all for the new third-person standing emotes coming to Apex Legends in Season 9: Legacy. If you’re interested in more Apex Legends news, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on why the devs are removing Hammerpoint Rounds in Season 9.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment