Apex Legends players call for “amazing” Post Malone Three Strikes LTM to be permanent

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends post Malone skins

The Apex Legends x Post Malone event has landed, bringing a brand new LTM along with in Three Strikes. Many are enjoying this new LTM, with some even calling for it to become a permanent mode.

Apex Legends Season 19 has revitalized many aspects of the battle royale, from new Legend Conduit and major Storm Point map changes to a ranked overhaul and weapon buffs and nerfs, there’s a lot to adjust to in the new season.

As well as all this new seasonal content, Apex Legends also released their collaboration event with extremely popular musician, Post Malone.

The Apex Legends x Post Malone event landed on November 7, bringing a heap of cosmetics and rewards, as well as a brand-new LTM, Three Strikes. Since the event arrived, players have been diving into this new LTM, providing a unique experience that many in the community seem to love.

Reddit user False_Raven put a post up in the Apex Legends subreddit praising the new Post Malone Three Strikes LTM, as they said, “Three Strikes is actually a surprisingly good game mode.”

They detailed why they have been enjoying the LTM so much, as they said, “If you’re like me and get frustrated with how sweaty the game is, this mode is amazing because it feels so casual and relaxed. You don’t have to stress over small mistakes and you get many chances to reset and retry. And there’s no dead air in the match, it’s constant combat and engagement.”

They aren’t the only ones who feel this way either, as comments under the post are full of positivity towards the Three Strikes LTM, with some even calling for the mode to become “permanent.”

One player said, “This game type is literally what pubs should be and exactly what everyone plays pubs for,” and in response, another user replied, “I’d be down to have this be permanent.”

Clearly, players are enjoying the casual nature of the new LTM, as “instead of insta quitting and getting into a new game,” players “actually get to respawn.” Another Reddit post calling for the mode to become a permanent addition explained that it’s “the most fun” they have had in Apex “in a while,” and a comment agreed, calling it “the most fun ltm ever.”

While it’s unlikely that the mode will become permanent, players feel it “elevates BR,” and it could find a place in the Mixtape playlist, where players can take a break from the intense experience of BR and enjoy Team Deathmatch, Gun Run, and Control.

We’ll have to wait and see, but for now, make sure you check out who the most popular Legend is in Season 19 along with a full breakdown of the current pick rates.

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