Apex Legends leak suggests players could be heading to the Moon for the next BR map

Joseph Pascoulis

New Apex Legends leaks have unearthed an image of what seems to be the next battle royale map the devs are working on, which may take place on a moon.

Apex Legends offers players a variety of ways to play, including the standard battle royale mode, Control, and even Arenas. On top of all this, players are also able to play on a variety of BR maps, with Season 12 having a total of three maps in rotation.

Although Season 11 just brought Storm Point to the game, dataminers are already unearthing a new map that the devs are working on.

planet typhon titanfall 2

With various leaks concerning the next Legend, be it Blisk or Hawk, new leaks have been uncovered about the next map.

Reddit user XJust_be_niceX put a post up on Reddit presenting what they are claiming is the next BR map that the devs are working on.

The post has an image attached to it which this user has associated with a moon-like aesthetic.

Like any leak, take this image with a grain of salt, as it could be something that never actually comes out.

The map is clearly in early development as the structure doesn’t yet have any textures. Having said that, the rest of the image definitely gives players a lot of details as to what the next map could look like if the leak is real.

Some have been speculating in the comments just based on Apex Legends lore and what the skybox looks like for the map. One user stated, “From what little we see here it definitely reminds me of typhon.”

In agreement, another user replied stating that it would make sense for the next map to be on Typhon, as “we already know blisk has been watching typhon from the valk trailer.”

titanfall 2 typhon

Typhon is a planet in the Frontier that acts as the primary setting for Titanfall 2. As Apex has been involving itself more and more within the Titanfall lore, the next map being located on this planet would make a lot of sense.

In the Titanfall 2 campaign, players get to see what Typhon looks like, and it shares a similar art style to what’s seen in the image with lots of greenery and mountainous terrain, so perhaps this is the location.

We’ll have to wait and see what location the devs choose for their next battle royale map, as these are just leaks and not confirmed to be true. As we find out more we’ll be sure to update you, so stay tuned.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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