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Best Legends in Apex Legends Season 15: Every character ranked

Like any update for Apex Legends, Season 15 brought changes to the meta. Here are the best Legends to use in the current season.



apex legends catalyst seer and loba on broken moon map

Although there weren’t many Legend changes in Apex Legends Season 15, the best Legends to use have shifted slightly, especially with the introduction of Catalyst.

Apex Legends Season 15 has introduced new ways for players to experience the BR. As well as a new map, Catalyst has stepped in to shake up the meta.

Further, the new update also brought various buffs and nerfs to the game, which has impacted our list of the best Legends to use in Apex Legends for Season 15.

We’ve ranked all the Legends in the current Apex update, giving you a great idea of who to play in the new season if you can’t get your hands on the new Legend.

apex legends catalyst tactical ability

Best Legends in Apex Legends: Season 15 ranked list

Remember, the ranking is based on a Legend’s performance in the Battle Royale mode, not Arenas. It’s also important to keep in mind that it’s difficult to get this list perfect, as a Legend’s strength is often based on the map, playstyle, and team composition.

Here’s our list for every Legend in Apex Legends Season 15 ranked:

23. Revenant
22. Crypto
21. Vantage
20. Fuse
19. Wattson
18. Ash
17. Rampart
16. Lifeline
15. Loba
14. Mirage
13. Newcastle
12. Bangalore
11. Catalyst
10. Caustic
9. Mad Maggie
8. Bloodhound
7. Gibraltar
6. Wraith
5. Seer
4. Valkyrie
3. Pathfinder
2. Octane
1. Horizon

crypto on zip rail apex legends broken moon

Who are the best characters in Apex Legends?

3. Pathfinder

With the new map Broken Moon being introduced, Pathfinder has found himself as one of the best Legends in the game yet again thanks to his great movement potential and ability to provide rotation for teammates with his Zipline.

2. Octane

Octane returns to being one of the best Legends in Apex Legends Season 15, not just because he’s topping the pick rates, but mainly because he’s still the best Legend in the game when it comes to movement and speed.

1. Horizon

Taking the top spot for our Apex Legends Season 15 tier list is Horizon, as she continues to dominate in terms of mobility.

On top of Horizon’s great Passive and Tactical abilities which keep her mobile and hard to hit, her Black Hole Ultimate can win matches, especially when combined with her teammate’s abilities.

Who is the best character for ranked?

The best characters for ranked include Seer, Valkyrie, Mad Maggie, Newcastle, Gibraltar, Caustic, Pathfinder, Horizon, and Lifeline.

In Ranked Leagues, it’s all about team composition and catering to your play style. Depending on the characters that your teammates are playing, you may want to balance defense, offense, support, and recon.

However, keep in mind that it all depends on how you play and what you can do for your team, as most Legends are viable so long as you play your role.

Who’s better Bloodhound or Seer?

Currently, many are choosing Seer over Bloodhound due to his efficiency at tracking down enemies, knowing exactly where they are, and being able to track their movements with his Ultimate.

Who is the best solo Legend?

The best solo Legends are those with excellent movement and great survivability, so Horizon, Valkyrie, Octane, Wraith, Pathfinder, and Vantage are all great options.

That’s all for the best Legends to use in Apex Legends Season 15. For more, check out how to get this month’s Twitch Prime skin.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment