Apex Legends devs rev up anti-cheat measures to counter hackers

Hamza Khalid
Fuse in Apex Legends

Hackers have been causing problems for Apex Legends players, so Respawn Entertainment have increased their anti-cheat measures through an expanding dev team.


There is plenty for Apex Legends fans to enjoy in Season 10, including the new Legend, Seer, changes to the World’s Edge, and brand-new new Battle Pass to level up fast in.

However, one issue that’s always worrying online multiplayer fans is hackers. Apex Legends fans in some regions have to deal with this, so the developers have responded to the issue.

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Apex Legends roster

The Apex Legends servers in Asia have had multiple hackers spotted in them recently, and Conor Ford from the Respawn security team has reassured fans that major measures are being taken.

On August 26, Respawn confirmed that they have now hired two new security developers, one of which is based in Japan. This is a clear sign that the company is stepping up its security efforts.

“Our 2 new hires for security have been unleashed and are now banning,” tweeted Conor. “This includes the JP counterpart. They grow up so fast.”

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The Apex Legends developers have been keeping an eye on the hacker attacks in Japanese servers for a while, and they’ve decided to rev up their efforts in implementing anti-cheat measures.

While there’s currently no telling how much of a difference this will make in countering the hacker problem, it’s reassuring to know that the developers are investigating the ongoing problems in the game.

Aside from the hackers, there are a few other issues that have also caught Respawn’s attention, as the devs have promised more Seer nerfs to counter Apex Legends wall-hack meta.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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