NICKMERCS begs Apex Legends devs to take hackers seriously after ending stream early

Joseph Pascoulis
nickmercs with apex legends characters running with guns

NICKMERCS has addressed the Apex Legends devs after being forced to end his stream early as hackers ruined his experience on the battle royale.

NICKMERCS has become a popular face among the Apex Legends community, switching to Respawn’s battle royale after quitting Warzone.

While the streamer occasionally returns to Call of Duty, his focus is definitely on Apex Legends, often grinding Ranked Leagues on stream, hosting tournaments, and also trying to qualify for the Apex Legends Global Series himself.

That said, in a recent stream, NICKMERCS expressed frustration with the ranked experience on Apex Legends at the moment, addressing the devs about the game’s cheating and hacking situation. After ending his session early, he said: “I’m not going to sit here and get cheated on, there’s no way.”

While on stream, NICKMERCS pointed out that Apex Legends has a great opportunity to gain more players as “Call of Duty is down bad,” and so people are coming over to Respawn’s battle royale to try the game. However, NICKMERCS feels the “influx of cheaters and DDoSers” is going to negatively affect new players’ experience, as the issue caused him to “get off early.”

After telling his teammates that he’s “down to play anything but this” thanks to hackers and cheaters freezing lobbies and using aim bots, NICKMERCS said that it is a “very big problem in Apex.”

NICKERCS hopes that the devs “take this s**t seriously,” calling for them to “hire some real people that can get this s**t done.”

Cheaters and hackers have been present in Apex Legends for some time now, despite the devs’ efforts to combat the issue. Most online FPS games have a similar problem, but NICKMERCS is hoping that Respawn can do something to solve the issue as soon as possible.

We’ll have to wait and see how the devs respond but for now, make sure you check out everything we know about the new Rumble mode and who the most popular Legend is ahead of Season 17.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / NICKMERCS

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