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Apex Legends

Respawn promise more Seer nerfs to counter Apex Legends ‘wall-hack meta’

Respawn Entertainment plan to implement more changes to Seer in order to counter the current ‘wall-hacks’ meta in Apex Legends.



Seer in Apex Legends

Respawn has realized the full potential of scans in Apex Legends and has promised more future changes to Seer that will counter the ‘wall-hacks’ meta.

There were rumors that the new Apex Legends character Seer was “omega-buffed” before Season 10’s release, which might explain why he was overpowered before Respawn nerfed him in the August 23 patch.

Apex players have had to struggle with wall-hacks in the past, and Respawn has become aware of exactly how powerful scans can be. So, they’ve now confirmed a few more changes in the future.

Seer in Apex Legends

Respawn’s live balance designer, John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson, went on Twitter to talk more about the changes they made to Seer’s abilities in the August 23 patch, and what it opened their eyes to.

The devs realized how scans tend to make the Apex Legends gameplay feel too complicated. So, the Respawn team will now focus on revamping how they approach characters like Seer.

“Seer has opened our eyes to what sort of information can be communicated through scans,” JayBiebs tweeted. “A real-time silhouette for X seconds is different than tracking footsteps or the health bar or the heartbeat passive.

The dev continued: “There are many axes we can explore, and I know Seer’s emergence has expedited the process of revisiting the oppressive parts of the reveal meta to introduce more options and counterplay.”

The impact of the wallhack meta won’t be lessened with a few simple buffs and nerfs to various Legends, it will require some proper tuning. The devs have confirmed that they’re looking into all options.

We might see the arrival of a bigger nerf to Seer in the future, along with some other major changes from Respawn Entertainment to improve the overall gameplay experience of Apex Legends.

Only time will tell what those changes will be, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as they’re announced. For more Apex Legends, check out how to fix the “server shutting down” error on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment