The Finals players desperate for simple Call of Duty feature to help catch cheaters

Joseph Pascoulis
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The Finals is hectic and it’s still very early on in its development as a live service game. With patches coming in hot and fast, players are calling for the devs to introduce a helpful feature from Call of Duty.

Embark Studios’ The Finals has had initial success with its launch, and while the devs have been pretty efficient with new patches and even Christmas content, the community will always have their wants.

The game is still pretty fresh, and so it will likely evolve and gain many more features as new seasons and updates are released. As well as balance updates and new content, players also appreciate quality-of-life features, and some are even calling for one to be introduced that can be found in many other FPS titles.

Players are calling for the devs to introduce a simple feature seen in Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and other popular FPS games that will help players understand how they died and also “crack down on cheaters.”

The Finals is currently lacking a Kill Cam, which is a feature that Reddit user ‘GrumbleGrits’ believes the game “desperately needs.” They explain that it would help players understand how they died, as they said, “it doesnt help that I have no idea how people laser me from what seems to be forever away.”

They feel that The Finals “needs kill cams to demystify all the wack a** cross map kills in this game and help crack down on cheaters.”

The OP is “becoming more and more convinced that some sort of cheating is occurring in nearly every lobby,” and so they feel it would be much easier to determine that with a Kill Cam.

Others agree that a Kill Cam should be added to the game, “I do agree the game needs kill cams,” however, some also feel that it wouldn’t solve the cheating situation, as one user commented, “Killcams are a bandaid solution.”

Further, the introduction of Kill Cams could make performance worse, as one comment read, “They didn’t add kill cams for a reason as it would insanely slow down the servers cause it would have to add keyframes to reach event and destruction element and then play it back.”

Some are completely opposed to the idea, as they feel The Finals needs to be its “own game,” and not take anything from Call of Duty: “No. This is not COD. Let it be its own game.”

The Finals is bound to gain many new features as the seasons go on, so we’ll just have to wait and see if a Kill Cam is in Embark Studios’ plans. For now, check out every mode in The Finals explained, and how Ranked Tournaments work.

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