Modern Warfare 3 devs unveil “stronger and faster” anti-cheat for MP & Warzone

Rajarshi Acharya
full scale ground combat in modern warfare 3

With Modern Warfare 3, Activision has promised an improved version of the RICOCHET anti-cheat, including new elements like the hilarious ‘Splat’ mechanic that will deter hackers from cheating.

Hacking has always been a major issue in the Call of Duty series, but RICOCHET anti-cheat has kept it under control since its introduction. It does, however, have flaws, and some cheaters continue to get away despite the strict measures put in place.

Now, SHG and Activision are making significant changes to RICOCHET anti-cheat in Modern Warfare 3 that will put hackers in their place. The CoD developers explained in an official announcement that with new Machine Learning advancements, “RICOCHET is preparing for the launch of Modern Warfare III with a stronger and faster process to combat cheating.”

A machine learning model is trained to recognize suspicious behavior for the Replay Investigation Tool, such as wall hacking and raging. It then “prioritizes and alerts the team to review the issue for account action.”

They’ll use this tool during the Ranked Play online multiplayer sessions in Modern Warfare 3. The devs claim that these developments will improve the effectiveness and speed of the efforts to prevent, identify, and remove cheaters.

They will also introduce a new ‘Splat’ mechanic, which will be used to troll Warzone cheaters in the most amusing way possible. When a cheater is detected, it will randomly disable their parachute and drop them straight to the ground when they deploy. If the cheater is found after they’ve deployed, Splat “can also adjust player velocity, which transforms a bunny hop into a 10,000-foot drop taking them out instantly.”

Splat, however, won’t activate on its own for a player who hasn’t been proven to be cheating. This is only for players who have been unquestionably proven to be hacking in Warzone. Player reporting won’t turn it on, and the game won’t activate it by accident.

Previously, the anti-cheat in Warzone and Modern Warfare removed cheaters’ weapons, made them do zero damage, and even confused them with hallucinations, so we expect even more ways for the devs to troll hackers as time goes on.

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