Apex Legends devs provide fix as Season 20 update leaves PS5 players locked out

Joseph Pascoulis
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The Apex Legends Season 20 update has left PlayStation players raging, as they are unable to enter the game until the season goes live. But, luckily, the devs have responded.

While most are excited about the Apex Legends Season 20 update, which promises the new Legend Upgrades and a ranked overhaul, PlayStation players have been left unable to get on the game ahead of the season’s launch time.

PlayStation players are able to preload updates for Apex Legends in advance, allowing them to quickly install and hop onto the game when seasons go live.

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This process has been flawless for some time, but for Season 20, Apex Legends players on PlayStation are reporting that they can now not get on the game ahead of the update, as it seems an error has caused the update to install prematurely.

This has left some players furious, as they were hoping to get on Apex Legends and finish the Season 19 Battle Pass ahead of Season 20’s release.

“Well I was hoping to finish the BP, welp,” said one player on Reddit, while another said, “SAME!”

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Some have even tried to delete and redownload the game, but players are reporting that this does not work: “You could try deleting the entire game and redownloading to see if it’ll back you up to the last client version,” said one player, while another replied, “Already tried, doesn’t work.”

Players who have automatic updates on PlayStation have been left unable to play Apex Legends since the update rolled out on February 12, 2024. But, luckily, Respawn have responded and provided a fix for players.

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Respawn are recommending players “download the PS4 version of the game,” posting instructions on how to do so for those who have been struck with this issue.

Despite the downgrade, this will allow players looking to complete their Battle Pass to hop on and do so prior to Apex Legends Season 20.

With the new update imminent, be sure to also check out the best controller settings for Apex Legends.

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