Apex Legends Dev Teases Season 13 & 14 Legends

Nicholas Barth
apex legends season 9 legacy valkyrie

Season 9: Legacy will be adding the new character of Valkyrie to the world of Apex Legends, and Respawn Entertainment has already confirmed that they know what new legends will be added to the game all of the way in Season 13 and 14.

The battle royale title of Apex Legends has a huge cast of characters that players can choose to play as when they drop into one of the game’s many maps.

A new Legend is added every new season of Apex Legends, with Valkyrie being the latest character in Season 9: Legacy, however, it seems the developers are working on Legends much further in the future.

apex legends season 9 legacy

With developers often working far in advance when it comes to new content, it was not surprising to see that one developer already teasing two upcoming characters that are multiple seasons away from now that players can begin to look forward to.

According to a report by Dexerto, this teasing of the Season 13 and 14 characters came by way of Lead Game Designer Daniel Klein who was answering questions from the community on the game’s official subreddit and provided some interesting insight regarding how far ahead Respawn Entertainment actually is when it comes to developing content.

“Yeeeeaaah when people ask me about the new weapon I’m like… wait… which one of the ones we’ve been playtesting for a year? Oh right it’s the bow! Wow that’s old ;P Character wise we’re figuring out seasons 13 and 14 atm… just to give you an idea,” said Klein. “But specifically the balance changes that people often try to read out of these trailers? We can’t know until we live in the meta. Like ask me what meta changes I wanna make next season, and the earliest I could possibly know is two weeks into the season.”

apex legends season 9 legacy

Considering how long it takes to create new content for blockbuster games like Apex Legends, it is not unusual for developers to be creating things that players will not see for years to come.

However, it is always exciting to hear that Respawn Entertainment is already working on content that far down the road, which means that support for the game will be going on far past Season 9 Legacy.

For more on Apex Legends, check out the new hop-ups that players will be able to use to defeat their opponents during Legacy, and stay tuned to Charlie Intel for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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