Apex Legends Season 20 skips new character in favor of Perk mechanic

Max Candelarezi
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Apex Legends seasonal updates are filled with a ton of new content. Despite initial anticipation for a new character, Respawn confirmed Apex Legends Season 20 will once again skip the introduction of a new Legend, mirroring the approach taken in Season 16 and 18.

Season 20 is set to bring a ton of improvements and content to Apex Legends, including several weapon buffs and nerfs, a major Ranked and Legends overhaul, new events, and game modes.

Unfortunately, just like in Season 16 and 18, Respawn have decided to skip the introduction of a new character to the game, extending the wait to see a new Legend join the roster.

The devs decided to bring a Legend rework instead of a new character back in Season 16. Then, for Season 18, Apex Legends introduced a massive Revenant rework instead of a new Legend. Although Revenant was presented as a fresh Legend given the overhauled abilities and change of look, the character was already in the game.

Season 20 will follow suit, skipping the introduction of a new Legend in favor of some huge Legend and armor updates.

conduit in apex legends
Conduit was the latest character to be added to the Apex Legends roster.

Despite Season 20 not bringing a new Legend, the update will bring significant changes to the shield armor mechanics and Legends upgrades, giving players a lot to dive into. With the new Legends upgrades, players can choose Perks to upgrade character abilities in-game, altering how Apex Legends matches play out.

Given that changes to both the shield and Legends impact all modes, Respawn probably opted to delay the introduction of a new Legend. This decision could likely stem from their desire to see how the changes develop in the game before launching a brand-new character.

However, keep in mind that this is all speculation as the devs haven’t shared the decision behind not launching a new Legend in Apex Legends Season 20 yet. In case they do, we’ll be sure to update this article.

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