Apex Legends: Dataminer reveals new map “Overflow” coming to Arenas

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends new Arenas map

An Apex Legends dataminer has revealed details on an upcoming Arenas map that we could potentially see soon.

Apex Legends’ players have been spoilt with the content recently as a new weapon, map update, Legend, and even third-person emotes entered the game in the Season 9: Legacy update.

To keep the excitement going, it seems Respawn is planning to drop another exclusive Arenas map to compliment the ones currently in the game.

Apex Legends new Arenas map

There are three Arenas maps for players to enjoy at this point: Artillery, Party Crasher, and Phase Runner. These maps are great for Arenas, with two out of the three being completely exclusive to the 3v3 mode.

Artillery is, of course, taken from Kings Canyon, which during Season 9: Legacy, will be unavailable in the map rotation much like World’s Edge in Season 8. Respawn Entertainment has already confirmed that we will see more POIs from the present maps used in Arenas, as both Gardens and Thermal Station were teased in the reveal trailer.

The only thing is, we’ve already experienced these locations, so what about some new, exclusive maps?

Apex Legends new map in Arenas

Garretleaks is the dataminer behind the latest news on a new Arenas map coming to the game in the future. The map is said to be called “Overflow” with the code name “Aquaduct” in the files.

There aren’t any official details about the map. However, Garret does speculate that it could potentially be a leaked map within the Apex Legends Mobile code.

apex legends new Arenas map

The map leaked under Apex Legends Mobile is called “Waste Water,” which shares a water-themed name with “Overflow,” hence the correlation and speculation that they are the same map.

Although it is possible, this map is likely just a mobile-exclusive and won’t be the same as “Overflow.” Apex Legends Mobile will probably have its own maps due to the limitations of mobile gaming, forcing the developers to make less detailed maps.

Further, it is also possible that a map shown in the Arenas reveal trailer is, in fact, Aquaduct/Overflow, as Garret took to Twitter to show a frame from the trailer with an unknown map.

When can we expect this new Arenas map?

There’s no official date or leaked information about its release. However, Garret does suggest that we could be seeing it as early as the start of Season 10/end of Season 9.

Regardless, you can stay updated on “Overflow” and its release via Charlie INTEL. For more on Apex Legends, check out our article on the best Legends to use in Arenas.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment/Garretleaks