All Apex Legends Season 17 World’s Edge map changes: New Monument POI, Apex Games Museum, more

Joseph Pascoulis
world's edge in apex legends season 17

Here are all of the changes coming to Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map in Season 17, including the controversial update to the map’s most popular POI, Fragment.

New seasons of Apex Legends don’t only bring new content but also changes to maps, Legends, and more. Apex Legends Season 17 is offering plenty to dive into, as not only are players getting Ballistic, a new Assault Legend, but also changes to the Firing Range and the popular World’s Edge map.

World’s Edge has been a staple map of Apex Legends ever since it was introduced in Season 3 of the battle royale. It has gone through many changes and being the Apex Legends Global Series’ most-played map, World’s Edge is regarded by many as the game’s best map.

Apex Legends Season 17 will bring some huge changes to World’s Edge, including a drastic update to the map’s popular center.

Here’s our guide on all of the changes coming to World’s Edge in Apex Legends Season 17.

New additions arrive for World’s Edge’s most popular area in Season 17.

All Apex Legends Season 17 World’s Edge map updates

World’s Edge is cooling down in Apex Legends Season 17, so the map’s lava is now traversable by foot and there are other new developments on the map to indicate the change in weather.

For example, Skyhook is now snowy and Lava City has turned into a new POI called Stacks. The famous streamer building remains but it has been fixed, as well as the bridge outside of the building. The popular construction building has also been moved. Further, the map’s lighting and sky have also been changed to reflect the new updates.

According to the devs, the main motive behind the Apex Legends Season 17 map changes is to improve the overall map health.

New Monument POI in Fragment

The popular hot drop, Fragment, has a new POI called Monument. This POI is said to be a museum that shows off the history of the Apex Games and even Thunderdome, which the new Legend Ballistic was a star of.

Monument is a “deep bunker” POI, with quick access ziplines, Sniper nests, and a glass ceiling over the top of it so that players can see what’s going on inside.

There’s also the Apex Games Museum just to the side of the Apex logo monument, which not only hosts loot for players to grab in Fragment, but also the history of the Apex Games, and its predecessor, the Thunderdome Games.

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