XDefiant players missing out on free XP by ignoring this simple feature

Souhardya Choudhury
XDefiant character shooting

Getting XP in XDefiant is more or less the most important objective for players, but many are ignoring a simple mechanic that could hand them some sweet additional experience points for no extra effort.

As you play matches in XDefiant, one of the main reasons for competing in them is to earn XP to level up your account and Battle Pass. With the Double XP event ending, many players will want to increase their XP gain as much as possible.

However, you can get some cheeky free XP if you commend a player in XDefiant at the end of each match. For commending a player, you get 100 XP yourself, while if someone else commends you, that’s 200 XP more on your plate.

Commending is basically giving a pat on the back to your teammates who you want to have the extra XP. As of writing, you have only one commendation that you can give per match, but you can receive several from your teammates if they want in XDefiant.

You’ll need to get a whopping 700,000 XP in order to unlock the DedSec Faction, and gathering these points will be a massive grind. So make sure that you can accumulate all the experience points you can in every way possible.

XDefiant gameplay
Getting XP in XDefiant is quite a grind.

Reddit user ‘narwall101’ posted about this in the XDefiant subreddit as well, as they stressed the importance of commending your teammates. “Even if it’s someone who isn’t doing so well in-game, it’s literally free XP,” said the OP.

To commend a teammate, simply hover over the player you want to acknowledge in the final result screen, and you can select the option from there. It’s quite easy and as the OP said, it’s just free XP that takes a second to earn.

With XP getting a bit difficult to obtain in the Preseason of XDefiant, these are a few options where players can help each other out and grow stronger in the game. Getting plenty of kills is also vital for leveling up, so here’s an ACR 6.8 and an AK-47 build you can have a look at to align with the current meta.