XDefiant player spots possible new Faction teaser hidden inside Practice Zone

Souhardya Choudhury
XDefiant player shooting

XDefiant could see some Far Cry-inspired Factions added in the future as a player discovered a teaser hidden in plain sight in Practice Zone.

XDefiant‘s five Factions seem to cover most playstyles that players might want to stick with during matches. However, players are still hoping for some new Factions to be added in the future and one Far Cry-related discovery has given life to several theories about a possible future Faction.

‘XDI’ posted on X about this as one player discovered a small area in the Practice Zone map that has a setup compiling several references to Far Cry New Dawn, specifically of the Highwaymen Faction.

One massive hint that the Easter egg is all about the Highwaymen is the background music that plays when players head closer to the area, which is the Highwaymen anthem in Far Cry New Dawn. So XDefiant players feel that it could make its way into the game in the future.

As if that weren’t enough, insider AgainTx leaked what the three characters from a Highwaymen Faction in XDefiant could look like. While the abilities of the Highwaymen are still a mystery, AgainTx also confirmed that some Highwaymen-themed weapon skins will also be coming to the store.

The Highwaymen were a band of criminals that had heavy artillery at their disposal. Although they have quite a grim history of crimes and have zero sense of morality, bringing them into XDefiant could at least be a way of getting some interesting abilities involving firearms.

However, they are particularly not the most favorable Factions in Far Cry New Dawn, which in turn is also one of the least popular Far Cry titles. “Out of all Factions, they go with the Highwaymen. Why not the Pirates or the Tribal Warriors from 3?” said user ‘Pugnuggetsxx.’

Lastly, it’s important to note that these leaks and easter eggs should be taken with a grain of salt. To be sure about what the new Faction in XDefiant will be, we need to wait for the official announcement from Ubisoft. Ubisoft recently broke their player count record with XDefiant, even with several complaints right after its launch.