How to play XDefiant Practice Zone early

Aakash Regmi
Practice Zone Map in XDefiant

If you’re wondering how to play the Practice Zone in XDefiant, here’s all you need to know about accessing the mode. 

Before you dive into the competitive side of XDefiant, it is worth warming up and testing your aim. Practice Zone is perfect for that, as it’ll not only let you test your guns, but you can also try out all the factions and their abilities

So, here’s how to play Practice Zone in XDefiant.

Can you play Practice Zone in XDefiant?

Practice Zone in XDefiant is currently locked, and there is no direct way to access the mode. Ubisoft are also yet to acknowledge why that’s the case. 

After selecting Play in the opening menu, you’ll see three options: Unranked, Ranked, and Practice Zone. But, you cannot click on Practice Zone, while the other two are accessible. 

There is, however, a workaround for PlayStation 5, as discovered by players.

Workaround to play XDefiant Practice Zone

PlayStation 5 players can play Practice Zone in XDefiant through the game’s homepage in the PS5’s menu.

When in the title screen of the game, scroll below, and you’ll see a feed related to the game, which includes activities, trophies, and more. In the activities column, you can find “Practice Zone.” Click on play (by pressing Square), and the game will boot you directly to the Practice Zone.

XDefiant game menu
You can also boot up other available modes from here.

So, here’s a step-by-step rundown: 

  1. Head to the game tile on your PlayStation 5 homepage. 
  2. Scroll below by pressing the lower D-Pad or Joystick.
  3. Then navigate to the “Activities” column.
  4. And, finally, select Practice Zone and click on Start Activity.

The method does work, and we were able to access the mode. However, some have reported that the option isn’t available for them, so you may not be able to play it this way.

And since the mode is fully functional when you play, it may be a bug that is not allowing players to play it right away. But whenever we hear from the devs about this, we’ll be sure to update you. 

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