XDefiant dev responds to bunny hop “spam” after player complaints

Joseph Pascoulis
xdefiant character eliminating another

An XDefiant dev has shared a response to player complaints about bunny hopping and the extreme movement capabilities in the game, giving hope to those who are frustrated.

XDefiant has hit the ground running despite a rocky launch, as after the server issues subsided, players flooded the servers to enjoy the new arena shooter from Ubisoft.

Like any new shooter that hits the market, XDefiant has faced some complaints from the community, mostly regarding the hit registration that many feel needs a fix.

However, that isn’t the only issue the devs have had to address, as now XDefiant developer ‘ACHES’ on X has responded to complaints about jump spam “jump shotting (and spamming behavior in general).”

In XDefiant, players are able to spam jump and even bunny hop in fights, making you a harder target to hit. While the fast movement does make getting around the map a lot easier, it isn’t the nicest to play against in a gunfight.

XDefiant dev ACHES did provide some hope on the matter, however, as they said they “do intend to penalize players for too many repeated jumps & crouches by adding aim sway.” This was active during pre-launch playtests, but was disabled for the game’s launch as it needed “improvements.”

As one user commented, “The sway in the beta felt very…wonky, too easy to trigger by accident,” hence the need for improvements. In fact, the user even suggested just “fatigue on the movement itself,” to which the dev quickly responded, “fatigue is already active in preseason.”

More improvements are set to come “as soon as possible,” according to the XDefiant dev, so those frustrated with the spammy movement may not have to wait too long until it’s nerfed.

That said, those who enjoy fast movement should not fret either, as the devs are determined to find the “sweet spot between intended use and spam,” so that players don’t feel restricted. We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out, as mechanics like slide canceling have become a major aspect of the game.