How to fix Delta-01 error in XDefiant

Aryan Singh
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The Delta-01 error is a server-related issue in XDefiant that has blocked some players from joining matches. So, here’s how you can fix the XDefiant Delta-01 error.

As with most live-service, online multiplayer titles, XDefiant suffers from its fair share of matchmaking issues. These problems can be the result of a poor internet connection, trouble while communicating with the servers, or simply due to server congestion.

Among the most prevalent issues players have faced is the Delta-01 error, which pops up while attempting to log into XDefiant or trying to join a match. The error code also displays the message ‘XDefiant servers are not available at this time,’ even when the servers are fully functional.

So, if you’re struggling with this issue, here’s how to fix the XDefiant Delta-01 error.

XDefiant Delta-01 error fix

Here’s the best fix for the XDefiant Delta-01 error, as prescribed by the game’s executive producer, Mark Rubin:

  1. Head to your Documents folder, open MyGames, and then XDefiant.
  2. Now look for a file named proxy_v1.bin and delete it.
  3. Relaunch the game and the issue should be fixed.
Delta-01 error in XDefiant
The error code can pop up despite servers being fully functional.

If the issue persists for you, it’s worth trying to launch the game while using a VPN connected to the IP address of a European country to see if the error is cleared up.

Some players believe that the error code is a result of the game not supporting IPv4 connections. But, the devs have cleared this up and stated that this is not the case.

That was how to fix the Delta-01 error in XDefiant. If you’re looking to dominate every match, check out our tier list for the best weapons in the game, the best reticles to place on them, and the best controller settings.

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