How to fix Bravo-04 error in XDefiant

Aakash Regmi
Ghost Recon operator shielding in XDefiant

If you’re running into the Bravo-04 error while playing XDefiant and are wondering how to fix it, here are all the possible solutions. 

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated shooter, XDefiant, is live, and because many players are hopping into the fast-paced action, the servers have experienced issues. Running into errors during launch for a popular shooter isn’t uncommon, and one error code players are reporting is Bravo-04. 

Here’s what the error code Bravo-04 means in XDefiant, as well as possible fixes. 

XDefiant Bravo-04 error fix

While there aren’t any known direct fixes for Bravo-04 in XDefiant, there are a number of ways to try and solve it for yourself.

Restart your game

Bravo-04 was a common error in the beta, and one fix that worked for some players was simply restarting the game. If restarting the game doesn’t work, you can restart your entire system, like your PC or PlayStation 5, and even your router.

LMG firing in XDefiant
Restarting is the only known reliable fix for the Bravo-04 error.

Check your connection

Bravo-04 usually occurs because of connection issues, so see if everything else is working fine and you can connect to other online services, especially the Ubisoft ones.

Verify game files

Head to Ubisoft Connect, and then go to the library. From there, click the three dots next to the XDefiant and select “Verify Files.”

Reinstall the game

If it appears you’re the only one experiencing the issue and other games work just as fine, your last resort will be to uninstall and install again, and see if it is solved. 

Check the sever status

Bravo-04 can occur because of other server-side issues, and it probably means the game’s server is experiencing an outage. You can easily check if it is a game-wide issue by heading to XDefiant’s official account on X (formerly Twitter) and checking for any server status posts.

You can also head to Ubisoft’s official page about live XDefiant server status. Alternatively, you can visit other forums like Reddit and see if multiple players are posting about the same issue.

What is Bravo-04 error in XDefiant

Bravo-04 error in XDefiant usually means the game is unable to connect you to the multiplayer server. The problem could either be on the official servers or your own internet.

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