XDefiant June 24 update brings another weapon progression rework – Full patch notes

Max Candelarezi
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XDefiant devs released the Y1S0.5 patch on June 24, and the patch notes detailed even more weapon progression changes.

Since the game’s release, the devs have been constantly dropping updates to gear up for Season 1‘s launch on July 2.

Building on the June 18 update that brought several controversial changes to weapon level and camo progression, the game’s June 24 patch fixed this issue as the devs hinted on June 21 allowing players an improved experience. Check out the XDefiant patch Y1S0.5 update patch notes below.

XDefiant Y1S0.5 update patch notes

Here are all the changes the XDefiant devs introduced with the Y1S0.5 patch as stated by Mark Rubin’s X post:


  • Updated progression: Primary weapon XP to level is now 1500 down from 3000 and Secondary weapon XP to level is 500 down from 1000
  • Missing Kill confirmation sound is back
  • Fixed getting stuck if you died while spamming melee

Weapon progression changes explained

Following significant backlash over the weapon progression changes introduced on the June 18 update, XDefiant’s devs have announced a new, faster leveling system effective June 24. The changes double the speed at guns are leveled up requiring 1500 XP for Primary weapons (from 3000 XP) and 500 XP for Secondary weapons (from 1000 XP).

Also, the team has made adjustments to the Mastery Camo grind, making it 14% faster without increasing the required levels. This change allows completionist players to more enjoyably pursue the game’s special camos.

If you’re looking to jump into the game to try these changes, be sure to check out the best XDefiant Faction, along with the best Assault Rifles in the game to dominate long-range encounters.

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