Shroud claims The Finals is “too much” for CoD players

Joseph Pascoulis
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The Finals is making waves in the FPS category, but popular streamer Shroud believes it may be “too much” for Call of Duty players.

The Finals brings a new experience to the FPS genre, as despite featuring a familiar FPS base, its unique game modes and creative gameplay opportunities certainly do offer players something to learn and master.

The free-to-play title may be a competitor to other live-service FPS games such as Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite, but it’s not a battle royale game, leading to many differences.

The Finals is continuing to grow, attracting attention from popular content creators and streamers such as aceu and Shroud. Speaking of the latter, Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek recently shared his opinion on The Finals, as he said, “a lot of people don’t understand this game.”

He goes on to explain that The Finals is “too much for the CoD brain,” clearly inferring that Call of Duty is simpler in comparison to Embark Studios’ FPS.

Shroud feels that CoD players just “need some time… The game’s still new.” Further, in response to a comment in his chat that said “it’s a lot to take it,” the streamer replied, “It is a decent bit, yeah, I mean it’s not too bad, but for someone that’s never experienced something like this I guess it could be a little confusing.”

Shroud feels that those struggling with The Finals haven’t played anything with quite as much depth, mentioning Call of Duty as a comparison point. The streamer’s comment seems to be a slight dig at the Call of Duty community, as he claimed The Finals may be “too much” for them to understand.

The discourse continued on Reddit, as one user agreed with Shroud, “The first thing I realized when trying this game was ‘this isn’t a mindless shooter’,” while another said, “The Finals is definitely not for CoD brains.”

There’s no doubt that The Finals offers something different from Call of Duty, which leads to the opinion that Call of Duty players may not like it. Regardless, you may enjoy it, so why not give it a go before The Finals Season 2 drops?

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