Shroud The Finals settings: Mouse sensitivity & graphics settings

Aakrit Sharma
The Finals player destroying environment.

The Finals dropped out of nowhere during The Game Awards 2023 and it has taken the FPS community worldwide by storm. The likes of Shroud are trying out the game as well, and here are the mouse sensitivity and graphics settings used by the prominent streamer and former CSGO pro.

Over the years, Shroud has solidified his place as one of the most accomplished FPS gamers and streamers in the world. He played CSGO professionally for four years before moving to streaming full time and is now one of the most popular creators across YouTube and Twitch.

Shroud never misses an opportunity to try out new titles, especially ones like The Finals which bring something new to the FPS genre. Many fans admire the streamer and would love to copy his mouse sensitivity and settings without a second thought.

On that note, here are Shroud’s The Finals settings, including his graphics settings and mouse sensitivity.

The Finals gameplay
You can try out multiple builds in The Finals.

Shroud mouse settings in The Finals

According to Shroud’s Twitch bot, these are the streamer’s mouse settings and FOV in The Finals:

  • Mouse sensitivity – 45
  • FOV – 100
  • Crosshair width – 1
  • Outline width – 1
  • Red -255
  • Green – 255
  • Blue – 255
  • Red Outline – 0
  • Blue Outline – 0
  • Green Outline – 0

The settings mentioned above can give you a rough idea to replicate Shroud’s settings, and it is best to test them first in the Practice range and make any required amends.

Details on Shroud’s other mouse settings like Mouse Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier, Mouse Focal Length Sensitivity Scaling, and Mouse Invert Look Input are unknown yet.

Shroud graphics settings in The Finals

Based on a Twitch VOD, we know that Shroud has the following video settings in The Finals:

  • Display and Resolution
    • Window Mode – Windowed Fullscreen
    • Resolution – 2560×1440
    • NVIDIA DLSS Fame Generation – Disabled
    • Vsync – Disabled
    • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency – On
    • Resolution Scaling Method – TAAU
    • Resolution Scale – 100
  • Graphics
    • Field of View – 100
    • Motion Blur – Disabled
    • Lens Distortion – Disabled
  • Ray Tracing
    • NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination – Static
  • Quality
    • Overall quality level – Custom
    • View Distance – Low
    • Anti Aliasing – Low
    • Shadows – Low
    • Post-processing– Low
    • Texture – Low
    • Effects – Low
    • Foliage – Low
    • Global Illumination Resolution – Low

Well, this is everything to know about Shroud’s settings which might help you replicate the streamer’s prowess in the game. Once there’s word or Shroud reveals his keybinds and crosshair settings in The Finals, we’ll make sure to provide an update here, so make sure to check back from time to time.

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