The Finals player shocks enemy with 100 IQ play

Lucas Simons
Defibrillator The Finals

Some players at The Finals are always looking for new ways to defeat their opponents, and this player sure surprised us all with this incredible defib-kill.

The Finals is quickly taking over the online gameplay scenario, as this wacky destruction-focused heist game attracts many competitive and casual players. The use of gadgets and skills in the game is key to victory, but some players use support skills to overpower their opponents.

A Medium Setup user proved that even the less threatening of tools in The Finals can become a potential weapon if used correctly.

This was posted by Reddit user ‘shlamdee’ in The Finals subreddit, and it immediately sparked a discussion about the possibilities of this amazing mechanic.

As you can see in the video above, the OP was playing with a Medium Setup, battling a Heavy Setup player, when suddenly, their teammate died, and they were forced into a 1v1. When the Heavy exhausted their ammo, the Medium player closed up for a melee kill, but one hit wasn’t enough, so they quickly changed to the defib pads and hit the enemy with them.

This kill video was received as a surprise by many members of The Finals community, as not all players knew it was possible to accomplish that: “Lol, I didn’t know that something like that could happen in this game too.”

Another enthusiastic player asked about the defibrillator’s damage output: “How much damage does that do? That was sick!” To which another one responded: “50 so double of a melee.”

As you can see, it was the right choice to switch from melee to defib in CQC, but could you repeat the same feat as this player?

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