How to earn money fast in The Crew Motorfest: Best Bucks farming methods

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An exotic paradise like Hawaii in The Crew Motorfest isn’t for the poor. While you don’t have to pay for gas in the game, there are a lot of cars to buy. So, here’s the best method to earn money in The Crew Motorfest.

The Crew Motorfest has over 600 vehicles for players to discover, including some of the most expensive manufacturers like Pagani, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, and more will be added in the upcoming updates.

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With that said, you’ll want to get rich quickly in The Crew Motorfest so that you can obtain all of these cars. While you can ease the grind by importing your collection for The Crew 2 or playing the Playlists, you can also exploit the economy by repeatedly playing certain activities in Hawaii, O’ahu.

So, here is the best way to farm money in The Crew Motorfest.

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The Crew Motorfest has 15 Playlists, each can be replayed for hefty cash.

Best way to earn money in The Crew Motorfest

The fastest way to earn money in The Crew Motorfest is by completing any Escape events.

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Sure, there are playlists like the Liberty Walk with a whopping $255,000 pay on each repeated completion or the more laid-back Hawaii Scenic Tour with equally handsome pay, but they can stretch to an hour for completion. 

In contrast, an escape event in The Crew Motorfest will typically last around 20-25 seconds to drive past the initial objective. There’s no need to chase for the world record here, once you’re past the objective meter, stop and wait for the red zone. Immediately afterward, press the retry button and the game will load you directly at the start.

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So, here’s the plan to get rich quickly in The Crew Motorfest:

  1. Load any Escape event.
  2. Start the event and drive until you hit the objective.
  3. Wait for the red zone to capture you.
  4. Quickly press the retry button.
  5. Rinse and Repeat.

This way you can earn at least 6k in a minute, and a filthy 350k or more in an hour. Ivory Tower may adjust the pay in future updates, so it is best to hoard as much wealth as you can and destroy the Hawaii economy.

You can also do this for any other activity that is short and the payscale is near the same ballpark, or simply play Playlists that you enjoy so you don’t get burned out. For more on The Crew Motorfest, check out:

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