The Crew Motorfest: Release date, gameplay, cars, modes, more

the crew motorfest poster with LamborghiniUbisoft

Ivory Tower has made a slew of changes for the third iteration of their online racer, The Crew Motorfest, including a much-needed handling and physics overhaul. So here’s everything you should know about The Crew Motorfest—from cars to new modes

Ubisoft’s premium racing franchise, The Crew, was historically about being able to cruise in a massive open world amassing the entire United States, one that was enough to exhaust you. But for The Crew Motorfest, the developers have taken a more condensed and detailed world approach, as seen in their counterparts, like Forza Horizon and Test Drive Unlimited.

Even though the scale of it might not sound too familiar with the identity Ivory Tower has established for their franchise, The Crew Motorfest does retain much of its “The Crew” feel elsewhere, such as having multiple disciplines and being able to drop your favorite cars from the stratosphere.

So here is everything you need to know about The Crew Motorfest from the setting to all newly added modes!

The Crew Motorfest release date

The Crew Motorfest release date was September 14, 2023. Players who purchase the Gold or Ultimate edition of the game were given three days of early access, starting September 11.

The Crew Motorfest platforms

The Crew Motorfest is available for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC (via Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store), and Amazon Luna. It is ditching Steam, like most other Ubisoft releases, but has a faint possibility of arriving later down the road.

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Lamborghini close up shotUbisoft
The Crew Motorfest will feature exclusive cars like Lamborghini Revuelto.

The Crew Motorfest gameplay details

The center of The Crew Motorfest campaign is Playlist. Each “Playlist” includes a set of activities that make you familiar with the “car culture,” and tell you the history in the making about the said genre of vehicles. There are 15 available in the base game, with more being added post-launch.

The “Made In Japan” playlist will soak the streets in neon light and let you drive the coveted Toyota Supra. You’ll have to drive a loaned vehicle initially but, once you’ve completed the playlist, you can try it again with other vehicles. While that’s the main part, there are a lot more side activities, similar to the previous two The Crew games in Motorfest.

On the technical side of things much has been improved. The cockpit is more detailed, car handling is fine-tuned to be more responsive (you need to actually hit the brakes!), and all the other improvements you expect from a sequel. 

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There is three difficulty, “Amateur,” “Intermediate,” and “Expert,” the higher will give you more control over your car and extra XP, but it’ll be tough. Amateur, on the other hand, will have the game assist you with everything but lower XP and AI difficulty. If you’re being violated by AI drivers on the high difficulty a pop-up message will tell you to lower difficulty and increase in case you’re cruising in the current difficulty.

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The crew 2 off-road gameplayUbisoft
The Crew Motorfest will feature on-road and off-road gameplay.

The Crew Motorfest map & setting

Unlike the previous two games, The Crew Motorfest is not set in the entirety of the United States, it is instead set in a small but dense archipelago of Hawaii, O’ahu. It is not a 1:1 recreation but a scaled-down version and is comparable to recent Forza Horizon games.

What cars are in The Crew Motorfest?

The Crew Motorfest will have 600+ vehicles at launch across multiple disciplines, with more to be added post-launch.

Plenty of the cars from the massive list are common with The Crew 2.

To have you not re-grind all of them again, Ubisoft will also let you import your collection from The Crew 2 to The Crew Motorfest. The game will ask you at the beginning of your playthrough whether you want to start fresh or bring back your collection from the previous game. Even if you say no initially, you’ll still be able to import later. 

The Crew Motorfest game modes

A monster truck mauling another one in The Crew MotorfestUbisoft
The Crew Motorfest will feature weekly ranked modes.

In terms of game modes, other than Playlist, everything is similar to other racing games; there are races, speed checks, photo shoots, etc.

What’s new is Demolition Royale. In this 32-player mode with 8 crews, you drop, and crash into other players’ vehicles, and the last standing wins. Another massive multiplayer mode added is the 28-player Grand Race, which is a traditional race with 28 players.

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That’s all you need to know about The Crew Motorfest. Meanwhile, check out other guides related to racing games including The Crew Motorfest.

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