Best controller settings for The Crew Motorfest: Linearity, Dead Zone, ABS, more

Aakash Regmi
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The Crew Motorfest has put a higher emphasis on handling than the previous two games. You can make it even more responsive by tweaking a few controller settings, so here are all the settings to change in The Crew Motorfest. 

With over 600-plus vehicles across multiple disciplines, from boats to planes, it’ll make for a labyrinth worth of sheets if we jot down each vehicle’s pro settings in The Crew Motorfest

But, that said, you can still make driving feel responsive across the board in The Crew Motorfest by changing a few general settings besides the pro settings.

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So, here are the best controller settings in The Crew Motorfest, including Dead Zone, Difficulty, and more.

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The Crew Motorfest has an extensive number of settings that you can customize.

Best controller setting in The Crew Motorfest


The default value for each of these settings will sometimes depend on your difficulty level, but you can change some values for a better driving experience. 

Go to “Menu” > Hold the Options button > Select “Options” > “Difficulty” to bring forth these settings. Here are some settings to keep in check with The Crew Motorfest:


  • Auto Braking: Off
  • Auto Steering: Off


  • ABS: On (can change based on your preference)
  • Traction Control: Sport 
  • ESP: Off
  • Drift Assist: Sport
  • Counter Steering Assist: Off (On during drifting mode)
  • Airplane Handling Assist: Off

You can also head to “Accessibility” and turn off the Motion Blur and Camera Shake, but that is just a preference and won’t be as big of a change.

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  • Gearbox: Sequential
  • Cockpit Camera Animation: 100
  • FPS X Axis Sensitivity: 50
  • FPS Y Axis Sensitivity: 50

Tactile Feedback

  • Vibration: Anything between 50-70 (or whatever you prefer)
  • Adaptive Triggers: Anything between 60-80 (or whatever you prefer)


  • Preset: Custom
  • Linearity: 0
  • Dead Zone: 0
  • Highest: 100

For Dead Zone, if you’re experiencing controller drifting, it is best to put this above 0. Just keep increasing the Dead Zone number until you no longer experience the drifting.


  • Preset: Custom
  • Linearity: 0
  • Dead Zone: 0
  • Highest: 100


  • Preset: Custom
  • Linearity: 0
  • Dead Zone: 0
  • Highest: 100

You can always tweak the values of settings like Linearity based on preference and what feels best to you.

That’s all in terms of major controller settings for games, for more on The Crew Motorfest and other racing games, check out:

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