The Crew Motorfest Season 2 update patch notes: Map expansion, new cars, Playlists, more

Aakash Regmi
A crate with Hoonigan written in The Crew Motorfest

Season 2 of The Crew Motorfest is live, so here are the full patch notes for the season and everything that was added, including new cars and a brand-new map. 

The Crew Motorfest continues the strong post-launch support tradition of The Crew franchise. Despite the release of The Crew Motorfest, a major MAD update went live for The Crew 2 on November 15, five years past its initial 2018 release. 

Season 1 of The Crew Motorfest brought more than a dozen cars to the already impressive list of 600-plus vehicles, multiple new playlists, as well as live events. So, here’s what The Crew Motorfest Season 2 update brings in terms of new content and QoL updates.

The Crew Motorfest Season 2 start & end date

The Crew Motorfest Season 2 officially began on December 6, 2023, and will run until March 13, 2024. Most of the season’s content will added weekly and not everything will be available at once.

The Crew Motorfest Season 2 all confirmed cars

So far, Season 2 of The Crew Motorfest is confirmed to add 31 vehicles, including the electric Audi S1 Hoonitron. Here’s the full list, as shared by Ubisoft:


BrandModelYearAvailable via
AudiRS 3 Sportback2022Shop
AudiRS 7 Sportback2022Shop
AudiRS 2 Avant1993Shop
BMWM2 Beehive Edition2017Collection Import Only
ChevroletCAMARO RS Ghost Edition1969Collection Import Only
ChevroletCAMARO Z28 Hoonigan Ed1971Summit Reward
Chevrolet3100 Big-Block Edition1951Motorfest Legend
FORDMUSTANG BOSS 429 Lime Edition1969Collection Import Only
FORDGT Ruby Edition2005Collection Import Only
HooniganCHEVROLET Big Block 632 Camaro1988Year 1 Pass
HooniganPORSCHE Scotto’s 911 Turbo RWB1993Shop
HooniganAUDI Scotto’s Coupé quattro1990Year 1 Pass
MazdaCOSMO Sport1967Shop
MazdaRX-3 Raigyo Edition1972Collection Import Only
MazdaRX-7 Turbo Outline Edition1988Collection Import Only
MitsubishiLANCER EVOLUTION IX2006Year 1 Pass
MitsubishiLANCER EVOLUTION VI GSR Hoonigan Ed1999Summit Reward
NissanGT-R Haru Edition2015Collection Import Only
VolkswagenGOLF GTI Dash Edition2014Collection Import Only


BrandModelYearAvailable via
BugattiCHIRON SUPER SPORT 300+ Divine Edition2019Collection Import Only
JaguarC-X75 Concept Exo Edition2013Collection Import Only
PROTOFLASHBACK1986Collection Import Only
PROTOLUCKY-ONE Marble Edition2022Collection Import Only


BrandModelYearAvailable via
HooniganAUDI S1 e-tron quattro Hoonitron2021Shop
MitsubishiLANCER EVOLUTION VI GSR Flow Edition1999Collection Import Only


BrandModelYearAvailable via
HooniganAUDI S1 e-tron quattro Hoonitron2021Shop

The Crew Motorfest Season 2 map expansion

The Crew Motorfest Season 2 added a new map, Gymkhana Grid Park. Although, as the name suggests, it is more of a “park” than a map, it is sizable enough and you can freely drive around it.

Map of Gymkhana Grid in The Crew Motorfest
Gymkhana Grid is themed around performing stunts.

The Crew Motorfest Season 2 Playlists and activities

The Crew Motorfest Season 2 will add a brand new Playlist called Gymkhana Grid. Season 2 will also add 11 side activities and 26 new challenges.

Here is a full list of Playslist activities, that will be coming and rotated in Season 2.

Street CustomDecember 6 – December 13
GymkhanaDecember 13 – December 20
This vs ThatDecember 20 – December 27
Holiday SpecialDecember 27 – January 3
Under PressureJanuary 3 – January 10
Epic Hooningan PerformanceJanuary 10 – January 17
This vs ThatJanuary 17 – January 24
Drift PerformanceJanuary 24 – January 31
Hooningan Goldern OldiesJanuary 31 – February 7
Year of DragonFebruary 7 – February 14
Way of LightningFebruary 14 – February 21
This vs ThatFebruary 21 – February 28
Pitstop PressureFebruary 28 – March 6
Hooningan ShowreelMarch 6 – March 13

The Crew Motorfest Season 2 QoL updates

The Crew Motorfest has received massive QoL changes in Season 2, including an option to turn off the AI Cara. Even though there was a workaround for Cara, it was only possible for controller players, and Season 2 adds a dedicated option to turn off the AI completely or limit the amount of time she speaks.

Here is the full list of QoL updates The Crew Motorfest will receive, as shared by Ubisoft in their blog post:

  • Option to turn off Ghost Cars.
  • Multiple options for Cara AI
    • Switch Guidance: ON/OFF
    • Switch Playlist Introductions: ON/OFF
    • Switch extra voice lines: ON/OFF
  • Ability to switch parts between vehicles.
  • New reward flow that makes the reward menu after races shorter.
  • Changes to livery reporting.

The Crew Motorfest Season 2 update patch notes

Here are the full patch notes for The Crew Motorfest Season 2:


  • PC: 36.3 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 10.3 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 6.7 GB
  • Xbox: 8 GB


  • The Crew 2 Season 9 vehicles and vanities content are now available in Motorfest.
  • Fixed some bugs in displaying vanities.
  • Gold and Violet Window tints are now correctly displayed in vehicle customization menu.
  • Fixed Lamborghini Terzo Millennio tyre rendering.
  • Manual shift gear animation is no longer present for Bugatti La Voiture Noire.
  • Porsche 911 GT exhausts no longer have a pink outline.
  • Gearshifting animation is no longer missing when shifting up for the Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan.
  • Fixed the driving animation on the digital dashboard while in interior view for Koenigsegg Regera and Maserati MC12.
  • Scale, Free Scale, Skew and Transparency options are now functional in the livery editor.
  • Livery tags are no longer greyed out in Filters of Livery menu.
  • Fixed several issues with liveries shapes.


  • Motorfest Legend stars are now showing in the correct spot.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong information is displayed on the Walk of Fame.


  • Fixed the inconsistency between description and steps to complete for several challenges.
  • “Retro Top Driver” challenge now unlocks after completing requirement at the “Grand Race”.
  • Fixed “A.L. Night Menace” challenge to unlock after satisfying all the mentioned conditions.
  • “Alpha Retro Racer” challenge now unlocks even when changing visual parts on the specified vehicle.
  • “Alpha Bully” Challenge now unlocks after fulfilling the given conditions.
  • “Retro Expert” Challenge now unlocks after fulfilling the given conditions.
  • “Act 7 : 24h of Hanauma” event now has a dynamic weather change.
  • Fixed several bugs concerning FEATS


  • Fixed micro-freezes in Grand Race & Demolition Royale.
  • Improved Fast Fav animation when Spectating.
  • Fixed rare issue where player appear on the minimap as crew mate even if there are not.
  • Fixed replication glitches occuring in some spectating contexts.
  • AFK players will not receive rewards anymore.
  • We’ve added 11 new combinations of paths in the Grand Race, these will also feature different vehicle types.


  • Improved the moderation rules for livery reporting.
  • Added confirmation pop-up when reporting a livery from the livery menu.
  • Fixed livery editor issues on several vehicles.
  • The winning vehicle in the Custom Show leaderboard is now correctly displayed.
  • Other players’ liveries cannot be used to register a vehicle to the Custom Show anymore.


  • Fixed several photoquests’ completion requirements.
  • Fixed the time of day and weather options when using environment keyframe.
  • Frames now change to default after pressing “Set to default” option in photomode.
  • Vehicle Damage and Mud on Vehicle is now removed correctly when the setting is set to 0.
  • Fixed the broken speedometer after using replay feature in photomode in free drive.


  • XP earned via Summit and Custom Show after the end of a month now properly registers to the current Main Stage XP.
  • Players can no longer earn rewards by being idle at starting grid with minimal inputs in Grand Race.
  • Ground vehicles can no longer achieve extreme high speed when free falling.
  • Affix stat ‘Bended’ is no longer available for incompatible vehicles.


  • General rendering performances & stability improvements.
  • Improved the stability for creating crews & inviting crew members
  • [PC] Update autodetect values for minimum and recommended requirement systems.
  • Scrapping many vehicle parts successively no longer triggers a server error.
  • [XBox] Title no longer crashes after using rewind at 24% of the Final E-Vent race.


  • Improved the timing & trigger of the CARA voiceover
  • Added options to turn off CARA voiceover
  • Voice over fixes timing, trigger and robotic voice removed
  • The following vehicles sounds are improved:
    • McLaren F1
    • Pagani Zonda F & R
    • Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (Street & Drift)
    • Koenigsegg Jesko
    • Lamborghini RGT
    • Koenigsegg One (Higher redline)
    • Koenigsegg Regera (Exhaust stamp modified)
  • Added these new tracks:
    • Ramones – Rockaway Beach
    • Honeycutts – Youth in Rage
    • Mothers Madness – Spare Me
    • Rockin’ For Decades – Step on Up
    • Kiss – I Was Made For Lovin’ You
    • Rockin’ For Decades – Burn It All Down
    • Rockin’ For Decades – Atomic Blonde
    • The Trashmen – Miserlou
    • Cushy – Step Back
    • Dylan Sitts – Lost Hat
  • The track “Blondie – Call Me” is now displayed correctly in the Goldies tracklist.


  • Added an option to turn off the Replayer cars (“Traffic ghost cars”)
  • Fixed several landscape issues in the world.
  • Navigation ribbon is updated with a smoother display, and prevented from being frequently recomputed when in plane


  • Camera no longer clips with the ground in slopes during a rewind.
  • Other HUD elements are now hidden during rewind.
  • The racing line no longer gets doubled when using rewind in the “Stock Around The Clock” event.


  • Fixed multiple outfit parts that were clipping with the player’s body.
  • Avatar clothes/animations no longer fail to equip after buying and changing the tabs from profile to any other tabs in main menu.
  • Fixed an occasional twitching animation on the driver’s body while turning on a motorcycle.
  • In the car-meet, quick turn animation is now smoother when quickly switching left and right with the controller.
  • Avatar’s body no longer goes missing when the player returns to freedrive after completing event when camera is set to cockpit view.
  • Fixed occurrences where the Avatar would be visible during the Fast Fav animation.


  • Updated achievements/trophies’ descriptions which were missing the “in the same session” mention.
  • Fixed a misleading icon for the “O’ahu Sights” achievement/trophy.
  • [Xbox] Progression bar of Main Stage Headliner achievement is now updating after completing a timeline on the Motorfest Main Stage.
  • [Xbox] Progression bar of That’ll Buff Right Out achievement is now updating after destroying a vehicle in Demolition Royale.


  • Fixed Nitro button that does not work as intented on Thrustmaster T128
  • Fix forced feedback missing after several hotplug in freeride on Clubsport CSL Base V2.5
  • Wrong key mapping and force feedback fixes on the Logitech Racing Pro on Xbox.
  • Added support of Hori Racing Wheel Apex (PC, PS4, PS5) and Hori Racing Wheel Overdrive Xbox Series (Xbox One, Xbox Series).
  • Improved Wheel support and behavior consistency.
  • Added beta implementation of OWO haptic gaming system
  • Support of Hori Racing Wheel Apex (PC, PS4, PS5), Hori Racing Wheel Overdrive Xbox Series (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series) and Hori FFB Racing Wheel DLX – Xbox Series (Xbox One, Xbox Series)
  • Support of Simxperience AccuForce Pro V2 Steering System (PC)
  • Support of SimXperience Wireless Wheel Button Box (PC)
  • Fix lag when some steering wheels are plugged in.


  • Added filter feature to the map.
  • Players can now switch all vehicle parts from one vehicle to another of the same category.
  • Vehicle Upgrade Menu now selects the equipped part by default.
  • Fixed issue where players were redirected to wrong bundle when selecting buy in car meet.
  • [PC] Improved mouse management in several interfaces.
  • Added missing sound on several interfaces.
  • Improved the rewards screen for legibility.
  • Now we can display player level on tags in free-ride and in car meet instead of the “M” icon.
  • Fixed the Options menu where the buttons do not turn dark/light when applying the option
  • Added several missing translations
  • Fixed text overlap and mislalignment in Arabic.


  • Text size update fixes, color modification for colorblind and hold.
  • Added colorblind options to the racing lines
  • Added “stunt assist” options

That’s everything about The Crew Motofest Season 2, for more, check out:

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