Is The Crew Motorfest on Steam Deck?

Aakash Regmi
An Art of The Crew Motorfest on Steam DeckUbisoft

The Crew Motorfest is available on all generations of consoles and PC, but Steam Deck players have questions regarding its availability on Valve’s handheld. Here’s all we know about The Crew Motorfest on Steam Deck. 

Plenty of racing games, like Forza Horizon, F1, and even the past two The Crew games run comfortably on the Steam Deck. But after the long-awaited return of Test Drive Unlimited with Solar Crown was pushed into 2024, The Crew Motorfest remains one of the few latest big open-world racing games, for now.

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With The Crew Motorfest having crossplay and featuring cross-platform saves, it might just be the ideal racing game to tune in on your handheld wherever you’re traveling. Besides, the 600+ vehicles aren’t going to unlock themselves on their own.

So, here’s all we know about The Crew Motorfest on Steam Deck. 

Toyota Supra in The Crew MotorfestUbisoft
The Crew 1 and The Crew 2 are available on Steam.

Can you play The Crew Motorfest on Steam Deck?

The Crew Motorfest is not available on Steam Deck directly, as Ubisoft’s racer isn’t even available on Steam, but you can still play with Steam Deck’s Proton compatibility.

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The Crew Motorfest is only available for PC through Ubisoft Connect or the Epic Games Store. So you’ll have to install either of the launchers and run them via Proton compatibility. The process of installing Ubisoft Connect to Steam Deck could be a little tiring, but it is fairly straightforward.

Not being available on Steam directly also means that there are no verification checks by Steam, and no optimization from Ubisoft, meaning the performance may not be smooth on high settings.

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Another option for The Crew Motorfest on Steam Deck is to just wait for the game to eventually drop on Steam, like the previous two The Crew games, and download the game as normal.

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