The Crew Motorfest Season 3: Release date, new cars, playlist, QoL updates, more

Aakash Regmi
The Crew Motorfest Season 3 art

The Crew Motorfest is nearing its Season 3 release, and if you’re wondering what the third season of the online racer has in store, here’s all you need to know. 

Ubisoft have officially hit the brakes on The Crew 2, as it’ll stop getting new content past vol. 2 of the MAD update, but its latest racer, The Crew Motorfest, will press on. 

Season 2 of The Crew Motorfest added 31 cars to an already extensive pile of 600-plus, as well as a new short playable area expansion in Gymkhana Grid Park. Here’s everything that has been confirmed for Season 3 so far.

The Crew Motorfest Season 3 release date

Season 3 of The Crew Motorfest will go live on March 13. The season is said to last until the end of June, as it’ll have a longer runtime than previous seasons. 

The Crew Motorfest Season 3 all confirmed cars

Ubisoft hasn’t yet confirmed the full list of cars that’ll be added to The Crew Motorfest. The biggest confirmed addition is the Aston Martin DB5, which will be the reward after completing the newly added playlist.

Others that can be spotted on teaser trailers are the Jeep Gladiator, Acura Integra, and Mini Cooper.

With Season 2 adding 30-plus cars, we expect a similar number of vehicles to be added with Season 3 as well. 

The Crew Motorfest Season 3 Playlists and activities

The Crew Motorfest will add a new Playlist titled “Hollywood Action!” It is said to have 9 events, and at the end, you’ll be rewarded with an Aston Martin DB5. Outside of the main playlist, there will be 25 challenges and 15 side activities

The Crew Motorfest Season 3 QoL updates

Season 3 will add multiple QoL changes to The Crew Motorfest, here are all the changes revealed by Ubisoft so far:

  • Multiscrapping: You can scrape upgrade parts easily based on rarity, sort and delete all of them in one fell swoop. 
  • Better car sorting in the Garage menu: New sorting filters and vertical navigation to your Vehicle Collection tab.
  • More map filters: New presets that show you the activities linked to specific Main Stage tracks.
  • Direct Mode: New “sensitivity” and “dynamic max lock” sliders added to Direct Mode in the Steering setting.

That’s everything about Season 3 of The Crew Motorfest. We’ll update you whenever we learn more about the update or when it is live, so make sure to circle back. Until then, for more on the game, check out:

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