Starfield: Should you persuade or kill Brogan?

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Brogan is one of the first NPCs you encounter in Starfield, and the player can either negotiate with him or end his life. If you’re looking to make the right decision, here’s what happens if you persuade or kill Brogan in Starfield.

One of the best things about expansive RPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield is that they tend to support many different types of playstyles. From your character background to skills, there are a ton of things that can alter the role-playing experiences of players.

While some players rely on brute force tactics like guns and other weapons to reach the end of the story, others might want to try and talk their way out of sticky situations. One such instance takes place right at the beginning of the game where you have the choice to outright kill Brogan or try and persuade him.

So here’s whether you should persuade Brogan or just go all guns blazing instead in Starfield.

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Should you persuade or kill Brogan in Starfield?

If you have the Persuasion skill in Starfield, you should definitely use it on Brogan since killing him without persuasion doesn’t offer any significant benefit. This is because upgrading the Persuasion skill requires you to use it a certain number of times, and this is the easiest attempt. After persuading Brogan, you can still kill him and the rest of his crew if you want to loot their gear.

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Persuading Captain Brogan in Starfield could be worthwhile.

Loot in Starfield is mostly random, but since Brogan is a boss, you might get a rare item from him. This could be a weapon, armor, or even a Boost Pack. However, this is a rather simple fight, so you’re not missing out on anything significant if you decide to leave peacefully.

If you pick the Diplomat, Industrialist, Sculptor, or Space Scoundrel background in Starfield, you’ll get the Persuasion skill by default. If you choose any other background, you can select this from the Social skill tree. The Persuade option frequently pops up in dialog with NPCs, so it’s definitely a useful skill to have.

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