Starfield’s potatoes have players falling in love with “beautiful” physics

Rajarshi Acharya
starfield potatoes

A funny video shows how impressive Starfield’s physics is, and it involves a massive pile of potatoes. Fans can’t help but be blown away by how smooth the game renders all the potatoes.

Starfield had been one of the most anticipated games of 2023, and now that it’s out, players are busy exploring the massive universe that consists of over 1,000 planets. It will take you hours to go through the main story itself, let alone side missions and other activities.

Many players have been calling it ‘Skyrim in space,’ but it’s a lot more than that. The game boasts extensive ship customization and an improved settlement-building system which expands upon the mechanics in Fallout 4 and 76. Even the NPCs feel different compared to earlier Bethesda titles, and romance has also been expanded quite a bit.

Starfield players are now praising the in-game physics, which seems almost real. Now, a hilarious video featuring potatoes is what demonstrates this perfectly.

Starfield’s potato physics leaves fans impressed

A Redditor named Moozipan posted an amusing video on the Starfield subreddit, which starts with the player character picking up a potato, which encumbers them. Noticing this, Sarah Morgan, who is standing right next to them, advises them to drop some items off. The player then goes forward and opens a hatch to a room, which reveals an entire mountain of potatoes.

The potatoes start tumbling down quite realistically, and when the player closes the hatch again, some of them have already spilled out. The whole process goes without a hitch; there’s no drop in framerates, no stutter, and the animation feels quite natural. Redditors took to the comment section to remark on the spectacular display of Starfield’s physics.

The top comment on the video said, “Those spill physics were beautiful,” while one user compared it to a Blender animation. Meanwhile, another commenter was wonderfully surprised that Starfield “didn’t chew itself alive rendering that many spuds.”

YouTuber Mass Perfection compared the potato physics in Starfield to Oblivion’s watermelon physics, both of which were possible through the Havok Physics SDK.

However, Starfield does the same without crashing or slowing down and also makes it look more believable. John Linneman of Digital Foundry said, “This is pretty mind blowing, actually. The fact that these objects all have physics is impressive.”

The level of detail in Starfield is been constantly praised ever since it launched. Tiny details like the mountain of potatoes can be found everywhere, and these are what add up to make Starfield feel immersive.

That was all about the impressive potato physics in Starfield. Be sure to check out how some Starfield players built Millennium Falcon & X-Wing from Star Wars.

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