Should you tell Hadrian about her father in Starfield?

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Starfield allows you to reveal a secret to Hadrian related to her father during the UC Vanguard questline. This information could jeopardize the peace between the United Colonies, House Va’ruun, and the Freestar Collective. Here’s everything to know about it.

Starfield, like all Bethesda RPGs, allows you to complete quests in a variety of ways, with varying outcomes. One of these quests, War Relics, allows you to learn a secret and then choose whether to reveal it or not.

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Starfield has countless distinct NPCs that you can meet, recruit, do quests for, and even romance. Some of them are quite memorable, while others only serve a specific purpose. During the War Relics quest, you learn that Vae Victis, who had received a death sentence for his role in the Colony Wars, is still alive. He is also the genetic father of Hadrian, an NPC you meet earlier in the quest.

You can then decide to divulge the truth or keep it hidden. So, here’s whether you should tell Hadrian about her father in Starfield.

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Should you inform Hadrian about her father in Starfield?

You shouldn’t tell Hadrian about her father in Starfield if you’re looking for as much content as possible. Vae Victis offers a mission if you keep him alive, but if you reveal his secret, he dies. On the other hand, if you think he deserves to be punished, you’ll get multiple opportunities to reveal his existence to Hadrian.

starfield hadrianBethesda
Hadrian is a clone of Vae Victis.

You’ll first meet Hadrian during the War Relics mission in Starfield, at an outpost that is being attacked by Terrormorphs. As you progress through the mission, you get to learn the Vae Victis is still alive and is working secretly beneath New Atlantis. In fact, he is being guarded by the more secretive elements of the UC Vanguard.

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Here are all the possible outcomes you can get in Starfield by revealing the secret to Hadrian or keeping it hidden.

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What happens if you tell Hadrian about her father?

If you tell Hadrian the truth about her father in Starfield, you won’t get the final bonus UC Vanguard quest. If Hadrian is aware that her father is still alive, she will present this evidence to the United Colonies Cabinet, making them execute Vae Victis.

You will have three chances to tell Major Hadrian about her father, Vae Victis, in Starfield. The first opportunity arises after you’ve learned the secret, during The Devils You Know. The next opportunity comes up during Hostile Intelligence. You find an audio log where Vae Victis is heard ordering the genocide of Londinion to conceal the truth about Terrormorphs.

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starfield vae victisBethesda
Vae Victis offers you a mission if you keep him alive.

The last time you get to tell Hadrian about her father is during the final UC Vanguard mission — A Legacy Forged. You can reveal the truth to Hadrian and the Cabinet or lie on behalf of Vae Victis.

What happens if you don’t tell Hadrian about her father?

If you choose not to tell Hadrian about her father’s existence in Starfield, you’ll get a bonus mission. This mission involves working with Vae Victis to track down United Colonies criminals.

Vae Victis asks you to keep his existence a secret when you first meet him in Starfield. According to the terms of the Armistice, he is to be executed for his crimes. However, he is serving the United Colonies in secret at Subsection Seven, a top-secret facility in the MAST basement.

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