Starfield A Legacy Forged choice: Bring back the Aceles or use microbes to kill the Terrormorphs?

Starfield UC Cabinet chiefBethesda

Terrormorphs are by far the most terrifying creatures in all of Starfield. Once you engage in UC Vanguard and start with their questline, you will be given the responsibility to put an end to these creatures. You will have to choose the purge method in the end so here’s what you should do.

Starfield is filled with thousands of creatures all across the planet. Although some of them are quite peaceful, most of them are hostile and deadly. As you explore and move through the entire galaxy, you will witness that more and more creatures fall to the hostile side.

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But some of them are just terrifying, the Terrormorphs being one of them. These horrendous creatures have put an end to life on an entire planet and have mysteriously traversed through the galaxy to spread their plague. Finally, you as a UC Vanguard Captain have to make it right with a decision.

Here’s whether you should bring back the Aceles or introduce a microbe to put an end to the Terrormorph problem.

What method to use to purge the Terrormorphs in Starfield?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you kill the Terrormorphs by bringing back the Aceles or introducing microbes into the atmosphere as both of these will yield the same result in Starfield’s A Legacy Forged quest. However, in the end, it all depends on your role-playing preferences. The cabinet will give you full freedom to choose any method and you can just pick any one you want.

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Reintroducing the Aceles back into the Settled Systems will bring back the Terrormorphs’ natural predators. This will be great for wiping out the Terrormorphs. But the microbe option is just as good as it will clear these creatures out much faster by releasing toxins into the atmosphere.

Starfield HadrianBethesda
Hadrian would be essential to put an end to the Terrormorphs in this questline.

Hadrian, a major character in the UC Vanguard questline would prefer introducing the microbe in the atmosphere to kill the Terrormorphs as it is a faster way of dealing with them. However, that comes with several risks as the microbe is of an unknown kind. Although reintroducing the Aceles, the Terrormorphs’ natural predators, is a slow process, it will surely prove to be effective.

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For the sake of role-playing in Starfield, you should also keep in mind that Sarah Morgan would like it if you were choosing the microbe option. So if you are traveling with her and want to romance her, choosing this will place you in a better position.

However, if you do not care much about romance or have already done it, you can choose the Aceles option to let these extinct species flourish in the wild again. You can witness these specimens from time to time in the Settled Systems alongside UC soldiers if you choose this option.

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So, at the end of the day, it all comes down to role-playing preference. As there would be no added benefits of choosing one over the other, you can absolutely choose any one you want depending on your personal preference in Starfield.

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