Pokemon TCG preview teases first-ever Shiny Illustration Rare cards

Lucas Simons
Shiny Rare Cards Pokemon TCGThe Pokemon Company

A new series of illustrations have been teased for the Pokemon TCG, and for the first time, Shiny Illustration Rare cards are among the revealed cards. Here’s what they look like and the details we know so far.

The Pokemon TCG has revealed the first-ever Shiny Illustration Rare Pokemon cards, and fans of the TCG are already drooling over their beautiful art. It would seem that the designs have experienced a subtle change of style, mostly due to the selection of new artists for the designs.

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Players who want to get their hands on these cards will have to wait though, as there’s no confirmation on their release date yet. One of the cards revealed is a shiny Charizard with a Dark Tera Type, similar to the one from Obsidian Flames, but shiny.

The new Illustration cards were commissioned by several new artists, and among them, the shiny Pawmi one was designed by the winner of the past TCG Japan Illustration Contest: Kasai Taiga.

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Among the new Shiny Illustration Rare cards, the Palafin Hero Form is the one that drew the most attention from fans, especially because its design makes it look like a superhero from a dark action movie. One of the comments about this design said: “Palafin waiting for you to try and throw that car battery into the ocean.”

Along with shiny Palafin, Pawmi, and Charizard, we also see a shiny Gardevoir, which looks different in tone than that of a regular shiny Gardevoir. The color palette for this shiny Gardevoir from the Illustration cards is light blue.

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We will need to wait and see if The Pokemon Company reveal any more details on these shiny Illustration Rare cards, and we will keep you posted when more information comes up.

In the meantime, you can learn everything about the re-envisioned Pokemon TCG Classic set, and the latest news about the Pokemon TCG Crimzon Haze set, which will include The Teal Mask DLC cards.

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