Pokemon TCG Crimson Haze 2024 set: Release date, Teal Mask DLC cards, more

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pokemon tcg crimson haze 2024 set bloodmoon ursaluna teal mask dlc cardThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG fans can expect a lot of new cards from the upcoming Japanese set Crimson Haze. With brand-new cards from the Teal Mask DLC, here’s everything you need to know about the next Pokemon TCG Japanese expansion, including the release date and cards.

2023 has been a brilliant year for Pokemon TCG players, with several sets featuring Pokemon from the Scarlet and Violet games as well as the popular 151 card set from Gen 1.

Most cards focused on Tera Types and Paradox Pokemon, with the latter being a meta-defining addition to the franchise. Now, players will find new Japanese sets at the beginning of 2024, including Wild Force, Cyber Judge, and Crimson Haze.

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While the first two will continue their Paradox theme, Crimson Haze has surprised everyone by highlighting Pokemon from the Teal Mask DLC. This set, along with Wild Force and Cyber Judge, is reportedly what English players will see in the Temporal Forces set.

As players wait for the excitement to unfold, here are all the known details about the Japanese Pokemon TCG Crimson Haze 2024 set.

Pokemon TCG Crimson Haze release date

The Pokemon TCG Crimson Haze set will be released in Japan on March 22, 2024.

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pokemon tcg teal mask dlc species bloodmoon ursaluna in the gameThe Pokemon Company
Being an exclusive Pokemon, the Bloodmoon Ursaluna card could have huge value among collectors.

Pokemon TCG Crimson Haze known cards

The Pokemon TCG Crimson Haze set will be headlined by Bloodmoon Ursaluna. As the set is themed around Pokemon introduced in the Teal Mask DLC, you can expect to find Ogerpon, Okidogi, Munkidori, Fezandipiti, Dipplin, Poltchageist, and Sinistcha among the other cards.

Players should know that trademarks for more Teal Mask DLC sets were discovered in September 2023. These sets are titled ‘Night Wanderer’ and ‘Mask of Change’ and are speculated to feature Poltchageist and Ogerpon.

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We will update this section with the complete card list once we have more details. For more content and guides on Pokemon TCG, be sure to check out the following:

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