What are Radiant cards in Pokemon TCG?

Lucas Simons
Radiant Cards in Pokemon TCG Radiant Greninja, Radiant Gardevoir, and Radiant Charizard

Radiant cards are unique and valuable pieces for every Pokemon TCG deck, and having them can help you get the upper hand in a difficult game. Here’s all you need to know about Radiant cards in Pokemon TCG.

Pokemon TCG has a great deal of rules and cards you need to know to build the best possible decks and win lots of games. Radiant cards are incredibly valuable assets you must have and learn how to play with.

So, here’s all you need to know about Radiant cards in Pokemon TCG, including their rules and which ones to get.


What is a Radiant card in Pokemon TCG?

Radiant cards are powerful Pokemon TCG cards that represent shiny Pokemon with incredible abilities and rare designs that are considerably hard to get. These cards have a resplendent design, and they are easily identifiable by their Radiant rule box marked on the borders or the card.

Radiant cards are always Basic Pokemon cards, so having them in your deck as a singular card can help you make a quick detour from an evolution play or have a strong backup benched just in case your active Pokemon is defeated.

Radiant card rules in Pokemon TCG

Radiant cards are limited to one per Pokemon TCG deck, which means you can only have one of these valuable cards inside your 60-card total count.

Radiant Charizard SIR and Regular
Some Radiant cards can also have a SIR version, making them even more precious.

That doesn’t mean you can play these cards only once per game. As with any basic card that ends up in your discard pile, you can salvage Radiant cards using Item cards like Super Rod, for example, and keep them in your deck to play once more later in the game.

Finally, each Radiant card has a Special Ability you can activate to increase your chances of winning the matches. But be advised that some of these abilities require the Radiant card to be played in the spot of Active Pokemon in order to be activable, and there are others that can only be activated once per match.

Best Radiant cards to get for Pokemon TCG decks

Here’s a list of the best Radiant cards you can get for Pokemon TCG decks and which collections they belong to:

  • Radiant Greninja – Astral Radiance
  • Radiant Gardevoir – Astral Radiance
  • Radiant Charizard – Crown Zenith
  • Radiant Eevee – Sword & Shield Black Star
  • Radiant Hisuian Sneasler – Lost Origin
  • Radiant Heatran – Astral Radiance
  • Radiant Steelix – Lost Origin
  • Radiant Blastoise – Pokemon GO
  • Radiant Venusaur – Pokemon GO
  • Radiant Hawlucha – Astral Radiance

And that’s all you need to know about Radiant cards in Pokemon TCG. For more information on this trading card game, you can consult our guide section below:

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