What are Ex cards in Pokemon TCG?

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon tcg ex cards koraidon and miraidon in scarlet and violet

Pokemon TCG offers a variety of cards that both players and collectors love, but many are still unsure what Ex cards are and what makes them so special. Here are all the details.

Scarlet and Violet proved to be a boon for Pokemon TCG as the franchise introduced several exciting sets, featuring popular Pokemon. But, despite so many packs up for grabs, most are still confused about the returning Ex cards and why they are so sought-after by fans.

We’ve got you covered as here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon TCG Ex cards.

Pokemon TCG Ex cards explained

Ex cards are special Pokemon trading cards in TCG with higher HP, stronger attacks, and rarer than regular versions.

They debuted in 2003 but were reintroduced in Scarlet and Violet TCG, being some of the most powerful cards in the game. That said, they also have a special rule to balance out their strength. When you defeat an Ex Pokemon card, your opponent takes two Prize cards instead of one. You should note that if you get three Ex Pokemon knocked out, you lose the battle.

ex pokemon cards in scarlet and violet tcg set
Some Scarlet and Violet Ex cards in Pokemon TCG, such as Magnezone, have as high as 330 HP.

Also, note that most Pokemon Ex cards are Basic, meaning you can use them without evolving from cards of pre-evolutions.

How to get Pokemon TCG Ex cards

You can get Ex cards by buying any Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG Expansion set released in 2023 and 2024. Remember that they’re quite rare and are usually the last card in a pack.

Keep in mind that you can also get Ex Pokemon cards from past expansions. But, the current meta took shape in April 2022, so it includes only those Ex cards available in the Scarlet and Violet sets released at this time.

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