What is Hyper Rare card in Pokemon TCG?

Joaquín Frere
Hyper Rare cards in Pokemon TCG.

Pokemon TCG has many card rarities, and Hyper Rare cards are among the best ones a trainer can get in the Trading Card Game. So what are they and how do you spot them? Here’s all you need to know.

Pokemon TCG packs a variety of different cards, with various rarities, and some come with the best card art out there. Ex cards, Ace Spec tools, and even Stadiums can be found in their Hyper Rare version, but how do you spot them?

Well, here’s all you need to know about Hyper Rare cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

What is a Hyper Rare card in Pokemon Trading Card game?

Hyper Rare cards in the Pokemon TCG are the rarest cards, based on the game’s rarity structure, a player can find. They are not limited to Pokemon, as Items, Trainers, or even Stadiums can be featured in this version.

They are really hard to pull, but even then, some of them might not be “rare” in terms of price, as these are determined by various factors such as the art, the usefulness, or the Pokemon’s popularity.

The Japanese sets call them Ultra Rares, and besides a small change in their rarity symbols, they share the same golden aesthetic.

How to identify a Hyper Rare card in Pokemon TCG

To identify a Hyper Rare card in the Pokemon Trading Card game, players must look for a triple golden star symbol right next to the card’s number and expansion. This means we have a Hyper Rare card in our hands, besides its unique golden shade and Full-Art feature.

Pokemon TCG Hyper Rare cards.
Hyper Rare cards in Pokemon TCG are marked with a 3 golden star symbol.

It is always worth remembering that Pokemon TCG has an official database where you can check exactly what’s in your hand using the card’s name, including which expansion is from and more.

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