What is SIR card in Pokemon TCG?

Joaquín Frere
Pokemon TCG SIR Cards.

Pokemon TCG has many special cards in stock, so trainers might get a bit confused when it comes to names. Here’s what a Special Illustration Rare card, or SIR for short, is and how to distinguish them from the rest.

Pokemon TCG has a special type of card called SIR, which are some of the rares you can find in recent expansions. They can be found in the English sets and the Japanese ones as well, but they are called SAR or Special Art Rare.

If you want to know more about these, here’s all you need to know about the Special Illustration Rare cards in the Pokemon TCG.

What is a SIR card in Pokemon Trading Card game?

SIR cards, short for Special Illustration Rare, are valuable cards with an illustration covering the whole card.

These can be cataloged under the “Double Rares” rarity in the Pokemon TCG, but do not necessarily translate only to rare Pokemon Ex cards, as trainers can be found with the Special Illustration Rare art.

How to identify a SIR card in Pokemon TCG

Besides being a Full-Art card, the now-called SIR cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game will pack a double star symbol on the bottom-left border of the card, right down the illustrator’s name.

Koraidon Ex SIR card.
The two yellow star symbol is key to identifying SIR cards in the Pokemon TCG.

All cards that fall under the “Double Rares” categories have double stars, but the regular Double Rares will have a double black star, while SIRs will pack a double yellow star. You can find these in the latest Scarlet & Violet English sets for example, both in Pokemon, Trainer, and Tool forms.

Remember that The Pokemon Company has an official TCG database where you can type the name of your card to check exactly what’s in your hand, which expansion is from, and more.

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